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    They live among us

    For some years now there has been more drivers under the influence of drugs than those drinking. The law is not strong enough with any driver who is either under influence of drink or drugs. Ban them for many years rather than a few months, if they lose their job then unlucky especially if an...
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    W211 MY2007 E320 CDI - dead dash clocks and no aux battery ?!

    As said, 211 sensitive to battery voltage dropping off. If you plan on keeping vehicle then it makes sense to get a CTEK battery charger and keep it connected during these "strange times".
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    E53 - is it a compromise for a full fat E63?

    But that smile on your face! The enjoyment factor, cannot put that into money terms however hard you try.
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    S212 interior road noise

    Have you tried placing the duvet just on the floor of the rear compartment? Reason for suggestion is that I used duvet to protect an item I was carefully transporting in the back to another location. Then on the return journey without the item, I noticed how much quieter (less road noise) the...
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    Start/Stop Linked to Timing Chain?

    My starting routine is - start engine, wait a few seconds in case of any unknown noises, turn Off ECO stop/start, turn on Comand.
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    How to check which Mercedes-Benz models it is suitable for according to the OEM code of the parts

    Even though the first post was in English, certainly was a struggle to understand the meaning behind it. Looks like a "Sir Humphrey civil service" statement, as in what the hell you talking about! Thank goodness some "mindreaders" have decoded it.
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    New petrol and diesel car sales will be 'banned from 2030'

    So if brand new petrol and diesel cars are banned, that's a problem? Not really, as many people cannot afford to buy new cars anyway because the price is far too high! Therefore if the new Electric/hybrid whatever car is too expensive to buy then drivers will keep their existing cars for...
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    Recommened garage/indy for W202 B Service in Banbury

    Another option could be Autoclass in Milton Keynes, certainly nearer than some previously mentioned.
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    Request for Mercedes

    Always check never assume.
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    Wheel alignment issues

    Many here have used and suggest Wheels in Motion in Chesham, might not be that close to you but worth the trip as they certainly know their stuff.
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    Why is the E63 cheaper to insure than the C63

    Maybe insurance companies "see" the C63 as a "boy-racer" type vehicle?
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    Great guitarists (with vocals)

    Chap by the name of Hendrix wasn't too shabby!
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    Spencer Davis RIP.

    Another name from the 60's gone.
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    New E-class and Mercedes-Benz UK

    We were told years back that one of the reasons for being in EU was that things would be simpler/easier/similar. Oh really!
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    Nobody can fix my Sprinter

    As you appear to be based in Portsmouth, suggest you go to PCS in Horndean not far from you and see if Ollie can assist you.
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    Silver estate LL60 ULW.

    Next time you are driving at a speed of nearer 50mph than 40 mph in a 30 mph zone ( noon along B5704 ) and someone on a path close to the road advises you to slow down then please do so, for your own safety as much as any walkers on the adjacent narrow path. Don't be ignorant and refrain from...
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    Happy Birthday, BlackC55

    Happy Birthday to you. Where would we all be without your very useful input and posts.
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    Anyone here also use Land Rover/Range Rover/Discovery forum?

    Reason for asking is that some idiot driving reg # GJW 22 earlier, I think it was a dark grey Discovery was going way over the speed limit (certainly nearer to 60mph than the 30 mph limit), it was not easy to tell type. Around 12:35 pm above "numpty" was driving along on a stretch of B5074...
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    Digital Oil Level Reading.

    So it is a 7 speed gearbox then.
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