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    Does anyone know this CLS63?

    Evening folks, As the title suggests..... Does anyone recognise this reg please: CV15OFE It's a shooting brake CLS63 in Hyacinth Red, looks to come from the Swansea area judging by the dealership SH. Question is also this...... it's currently on at Manheim auction site..... has anyone ever...
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    Oasis Report help please

    Hello, I'm currently looking at purchasing a CLS63 Shooting Brake but unfortunately the owner does not have the Oasis report, does anyone have access to MB database who could assist please? Anyone got any thoughts on pros/cons between CLS SB and an E63 estate.....I'm torn!! Would welcome any...
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    Introduction and advice

    Hello everyone! New to the site and hopefully soon to be new to MB AMG ownership. I'm looking to satisfy my (yet another ) mid life search for vehicular satisfaction - "crisis" sounds so uncalculated! - and am in the market for an E63 estate, around 12-13 plate. I know the engine changed around...
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