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    2001 Mercedes C200K Auto Avantgarde Silver

    My 2001 X reg Mercedes C-Class C200 Kompresser Avantgarde Automatic is unexpectantly up for sale due to an offer of another car that I can't refuse from within the family. I also bought this from my brother 6 years ago who had owned it from new. It therefore has had only 2 owners and I know its...
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    C200K W203 - Supercharger Noises?

    2000 X Reg C200K Petrol W203 110,000 miles I have noticed when the engine is at running temperature a rattlely/tappet type of noise from the LH side - supercharger side of engine, I can only hear it outside the car or with the bonnet local independent garage say they need to...
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    Front Seat Base Cushion Loose - W203

    The leather seat base cushion on my 2001 W203 C200K is loose and rocking up and down on one side of the drivers seat. I found the remains of a broken black plastic bracket (on the floor underneath) which clamps over a round metal bar under the front of the seat base cushion. Also 2 unbroken...
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    Carlos Fandango Wheels

    Remember this...............? :D
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    C63 AMG v BMW M3 Fifth Gear

    Mercedes Benz C63 AMG goes head to head with the BMW M3 on Fifth Gear Ch5 8pm tonight according to my tv guide............
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    W202 C-Class Rear Bumper / Silver

    W202 C-Class Rear Bumper (1993 on Pre-Facelift style) in Brilliant Silver, good undamaged condition, few minor marks, £10 Collection only from SW London / Surrey. PM me for further details.
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    W203 C-Class Chrome Exhaust Trims? seem to do a double chrome tail pipe (see below) which fits the downward pointing double exhaust on the W203 C class and gives the appearance of a sports exhaust. There is very little in the way of information or prices on their website but I think they are approx. £60? Has anyone...
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    Remember these AC Cars?

    Production ended 1977........... AC Invacar "In 1978 an AA (UK roadside assistance) man was called out by the police to recover two Invacars whose drivers had been pulled over on the M5 motorway. Both Invacars overtook the police car earlier at a speed of 70mph or more." :eek:
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    Mercedes C220 Sport Auto / Air Con £1195

    MERCEDES-BENZ C220 Sport Auto / Air Con, 1993 L Reg, 4 Doors, 2199 cc, Automatic, Saloon, Petrol, 145,000 miles, Brilliant Silver Metallic with black/grey cloth interior, Air Conditioning & Electric sunroof , ABS Brakes, Adjustable Sport seats and Lumbar support, Adjustable steering...
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    Early W203 for £5000?

    I have owned an early W202 for 7 years (1993 L Reg C220 Sport auto, petrol, silver, air con,facelift alloys & bumpers) which is still very reliable and rust free at 150K miles, does 2000 mile round trips to Italy/France or Spain every year. My brother is offering me his 1 owner from new early...
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    Duty free vegetable oil since 30th June 2007

    No big announcements were made but it has been legal to run a diesel on vegetable/ cooking oil since 30th June 2007 without paying any fuel duty as long as you use less than 2500 litres per annum, (over 20,000 miles at 40mpg). DieselVeg Seems quite a few older Mercs can be converted:-...
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    Left turns at red lights proposed

    "Motorists could be permitted to turn left at red traffic lights under proposals drawn up by the Conservatives to cut Britain's traffic congestion. They would be able to cross a red light and turn left if the road is clear. The idea is based on practice in some States in the US where drivers are...
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    EU Daytime Headlights Law?

    Just heard about this proposal from EU was in some of the papers last month.............should we follow Scandinavia or not? Headlights on in day, says EU BRITISH motorists are to be forced to drive with their headlights on during daytime under new EU laws. Ministers admitted yesterday...
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    1985 Mercedes 280 CE

    Classic spotted! - 1985 Mercedes 280 CE, (Cat D Stolen recovered) - no dash or centre console! :( damaged door lock - looks quite good otherwise in photos, red, auto, pillarless 2 door, more details and photos............ not ebay but online salvage auction then look under...
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    Best drive to Spain?

    Anyone able to recommend a best /fastest route through France to southern Spain (near Alicante) in July/August? I was thinking Eurotunnel then avoiding Paris (via Rouen/Chartres/Orleans) then A71 toll, A75, overnight hotel near new Millau Bridge then onto Spain next day via A9, AP7. (2 Days for...
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    Southern Carburetters & Injection

    Located in Wimbledon SW19 they diagonosed my C220 stalling/idling problems Throttle body required (£360 from MB so located an exchange remanufactured one with warranty for £192 from BBA-reman in Kent & fitted it), car is now better than it's ever been! Southern Carbs &...
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    C-class Stalling & Erratic Idle

    My 1993 C220 Sport Auto (Petrol) has started stalling when you stop at road junctions, etc. The car seems to run fine for first few minutes from cold (& on the open road even when hot (although it "pinks" under load & going uphill). The idle also becomes erratic fluctuating between 500-1500rpm...
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    W203 C-Class Top Gear Magazine

    Surprised to see the current C-Class in this months Top Gear magazine ranked only 127th out of 137 in their 2003 survey, 50 places below where the previous C-Class W202 was rated in previous years! What went wrong? Top Gear Listings
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    MB London New/Used Event Kempton Park

    Just seen an ad for Mercedes-Benz Londons new & used car event at Kempton Park Race Course, Sunbury on Thames, Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th March 2004. It says over 200 cars (many undercover) on display/for sale, new, nearly new, ex-demonstrator & used, free part-ex. valuations, bring your...
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    Remote Key Fob Spare

    Anybody know if these aftermarket spare/replacement remote key fobs which 'learn' from your existing remote would work ok on an early C-class as they are only about £30? or in USA
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