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    Mercedes ME

    I have the app and forgotten how to send a route to it. ME is not helpfull at this problem, i have done it in the past though maybe you cant anymore?
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    Radar needs cleaning

    Seems fine to me a MB gremlin? Says refer to manual there's no subject. :doh:
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    Classic Motor Show discount

    Cheeky question but does anyone attending have a discount code for entry? :thumb:
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    Improving exhaust note

    Had my car 3 months and 2500 miles. Had a aggressive drive yesterday and really enjoyed chucking the car around and using the box. What I noticed is the change in the exhaust note much better more like the N/A I had before. Tell me it's not just me noticing a change in a new AMG :thumb:
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    Free track day

    When I bought my new SL I was told I would get a driver training. Had the car 3 months now and heard nothing, dealer says it's down to Milton Keynes to contact me direct. Is this normal?
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    New SL bi turbo

    I've traded in my N/A v8 for a twin turbo. Done about 2k miles now and I've begun to realise it just doesn't sound as good as the N/A version. Needs to be louder. Anyone gone this route with the newer cars?
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    SL63 Oil

    My new car has just rolled 1k miles and a yellow you need oil has popped up on the screen. I contacted my delightfull dealer Inchcape there **** and guess what they've not contacted me I thought they may give me oil due to running in. Guess I'll have to pop into Halfords and buy some.
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    Wings & Wheels

    Anyone on here going?
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    Art my new ride

    Took me 6 weeks to find a location :bannana:
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    Go button

    Can you upgrade these to say red rather than silver. The keyless covers.
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    AMG Private Lounge

    Joined the club let's see if it's any good.
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    AMG car club

    Would like info on this can someone post me a link? Ta:thumb:
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    New SL advertising

    Anyone seen the adverts for the new SL? Shows the car opening /closing the roof at speeds upto 25mph :thumb: Well not exactly you can only start the operation at a standstill. Bit naughty :fail
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    Trickle charger

    I've bought a new SL and the battery is not in the boot like the previous model. Also has no fag lighter and the 12v in the boot is switched positive so no good. I think the battery is behind the drivers seat but no easy access. Only point I can find is under the bonnet, which is a bit of a...
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    Spotted SL65

    Driving through York today and a black SL65 came out of a junction right in front of me and were side by side at a junction. Both the facelift models just released a 63 & 65 Wow what's the odds that that's maybe the only one registered?:bannana:
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    Popped into Mercedes

    Bad idea. Took about 10 minutes to decide. Bought the facelift 2016 SL63 just did for me. Maybe it was the colour it just looked right if you understand. Wife uttered not again.
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    Carbon gear knob

    Offers around £300 Hardly used for keyless go models. This was taken off a R230. Cheers
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    2016 sl63

    I test drove the latest SL today, the tech on that car blew me away a massive jump from the R230
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    McLaren Chip

    Spoke to a guy today who has a friend with a SL that's had a chip fitted which gives 750 BHP at a £600 cost. Not heard of this??
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    Isle of Man short video

    Had a trip to the Isle of Man this week, put a go pro on the boot of my SL :D
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