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    W202 saloon c240 or c230K?

    Hi guys I'm looking to buy my second w202 but can't decide between the 4-pot c230 kompressor (rare as hell!) or a c240 v6 - id prefer a manual gearbox but have accepted that i'm seriously limiting my choice this way so will settle for an auto. I see the c230K had 193bhp and the c240 had...
  2. J

    Late W202 C230 Kompressor Manual

    I'm looking for the very rare post 99 W202 C230 with the kompressor engine. I have not come across many over the years as what I am looking for, with the manual gearbox, is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It has to be in decent condition/mileage with the saloon body. Thanks in...
  3. J

    W202 C200 1999T Facelift - current engine issue

    Hey guys, my car is a C200 petrol manual with 136,000 miles on the clock. i acquired the car with 121,000 miles and is my third w202. its not given me many problems at all in nearly a year except this one which i will try to explain in as much detail as i can. 1. serviced in feb 2012, oil...
  4. J

    w202 pass' side electric mirror not moving up and down

    hi guys my passenger side electric mirror moves right and left, but it appears like something is stopping it from moving up and down. it is stuck in one position. i can hear the motor whirring and it 'tries' to go up and down and 'shakes' as a result. any ideas?
  5. J

    w202 c200 espirit front springs - were these lowered?

    hi guys my front drivers side spring is broken. before replacing it i want to know were these the sportline shocks or normal w202? my c200 espirit is on a T99 and appears to sit lower than normal elegance and classic models. which springs/part numbers do i need and should i replace both...
  6. J

    w202 T99 c200 grey leather passenger side door handle

    hi guys, the leather trim on my door handle has a tear in it (not the chrome door pull, but the actual handle on the door), i see there is a 'cover' over the handle, it is this cover that has a tear in it and i want to replace it, i have grey leather interior. thanks
  7. J

    passenger side wing for facelift w202 T99 in aquamarine blue?

    hi guys im after the above, i have a dent in mine and have decided to replace the whole wing because of rust issues. the colour is aquamarine blue, im based in the northwest. anyone got one?
  8. J

    w202 c200 judders when ignition switched off

    hi guys my w202 99T c200 judders (like a slight shake for a second where the whole car shakes) every time i switch the engine off. everything else seems fine on start, drive etc. could it be something as simple as an engine mount being loose? thanks
  9. J

    w202 sport white dials for c200 espirit

    hi guys my 99T w202 c200 espirit has the normal black dials, i hear the white dials from the sport version will swap straight in. im wanting to keep the mileage the same so ideally just the white card insert will do? anything i need to watch out for and anyone got any sport dials for sale...
  10. J

    finally! got a c200 on a 99T, let the fun begin..

    hi guys im JB and ive just got back on the road after I twisted my ankle pretty bad during footy, its been a long 6 months but just bought a c200 espirit in aquamarine blue and it's fully loaded! full grey leathers, eps, full electrics, 125K on the clock, mechanically great and the best i could...
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