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  1. MB-BTurbo

    Two winter tyres better than no winter tyres?

    Ive watched many videos and read many comments suggesting that you should always fit 4 winter tyres rather than 2 to the rear but what about comparing it to having 4 summer tyres? Surely 2 winter tyres on the rear is better than 4 summer tyres?
  2. MB-BTurbo

    Reducing speed ratings?

    One of my summer tyres has a puncture and am considering using this to take the opportunity to replace the tyres to all seasons. I live in the Dales and would certainly benefit from them in the colder months. The problem is that most of these tyres either maintain their v speed rating...
  3. MB-BTurbo

    Cars in garage, whats happened in this picture to the CV?

    I had my CV joint replaced a few months ago. When they fitted it the clip was done up tight enough and it spilled a lot of grease. Fortunately I spotted it quickly and took it back where the repacked it and retightened it. Recently the car has been making some weird noises when accelerating at...
  4. MB-BTurbo

    Wheel spacers on thereat axle only?

    Would this be OK on this? Only thinking about 10mm each side (20mm in total). Are there any reasons for this not being done?
  5. MB-BTurbo

    Cars sold with 226g/km

    Why are cars sold in the UK with 226g/km here in the UK? I was flirting with the idea of a CLC which would need to be the CLC230 model before noticing it puts out 1g/km over the 'nonsense' car tax threshold. With so much money invested into designing, marketing a car etc why fall short by...
  6. MB-BTurbo

    Please can someone help me get to my heater motor

    I have been searching until my eyes hurt :( on how to get to my heater motor which needs replacing, with out success. Can anyone please put me out of my misery. I believe it is behind the dash but how I get there is a mystery.:dk: Thanks
  7. MB-BTurbo

    CV boot slipped off...mechanic at fault?

    I have just noticed that the small ring clip circled below (not actual photo) has separated from the rubber boot.I had the whole cv joint replaced in August and noticed a 'crackling' noise straight away, as though it was being over stretched. Thought I would see how it goes in case the rubber...
  8. MB-BTurbo

    B200 Turbo gearbox oil

    Anyone know what or where I can find out what gearbox oil my 6 speed manual B200 turbo uses? I believe there were only 76 sold in the UK which is probably why I am struggling to find out. Thanks
  9. MB-BTurbo

    Taking apart a B class dash

    I need to get to the heater motor on my B200T (2006) and believe it to be hidden behind the dash. I have successfully dismantled Ford and Subaru dashes before but the B class seems to be screwed together better and I have no idea where to start. :dk: Anyone got any useful pointers...
  10. MB-BTurbo

    Squeaking, now failed. Where is the fan motor on a B class W245?

    I have been researching for the last couple of hours as to what could have caused squeaking from my HVAC (which has now failed completely). The car is a 2006 B200 Turbo and believe it may be the fan motor. What I cant find is its location. Is anyone able to point it out please? :confused: Thanks
  11. MB-BTurbo

    Vredestein Ultrac Cento review

    With my Falken FK452s down to 2mm I found myself yet again looking at the limited selection of 215 40 18 tyres available for my B200 Turbo. My usual tyres of choice, the Vredestein Sessantas and Goodyear F1s are unavailable in these sizes so I drew up a shortlist of: Vredestein Ultrac Cento...
  12. MB-BTurbo

    Opinions on this tyre.

    Is this ok? I have been told that it is superficial but just wanted to check with anyone who knows more than I do. Thanks.
  13. MB-BTurbo

    Over tightened wheel nuts

    The last time my wheels were off were when it had a service as Mercedes Bradford. This weekend I tried to take them off and they were all stuck fast. I tried levering it with a 3ft bar but got nowhere so left it in fear of breaking something. Can over tightening cause damage? Ive tried...
  14. MB-BTurbo

    Changed the suspension but still noisy. Whats left?

    I have been chasing front suspension noises in my B200 Turbo for 1 1/2 years now. First the front right shock went, then the left one, then a spring, then the ARB bushes, then the drop links and then I finished last summer with the drop links. Over the winter I thought I was hearing a creaking...
  15. MB-BTurbo

    1.5 Eco Warrior vs 2.0 Turbo - real world results

    Having took my B200 Turbo in for a service I was given a B160 (1.5l) Blue efficiency as a courtesy car. Due to technical difficulties associated with the Turbo B class I ended up with the B160 for a full week which presented me with an opportunity to test its real world fuel economy and compare...
  16. MB-BTurbo

    Improving the sound.

    The noise on my B200 Turbo is pretty good for a 4 pot when accelerating reasonably hard but it feels very restrained and muffled. Is there a way of opening it up a little? I have looked high and low and no one seems to make aftermarket back boxes for it. Im not looking for a boy racer 'fart...
  17. MB-BTurbo

    Mercedes of Bradford.

    Just thought with so many moans regarding dealerships I would put in a positive for this one (although not without a moan for another one). I live near Skipton where there is a Mercedes dealership but have found myself using Bradford more and more. When I send them an email I get a reply...
  18. MB-BTurbo

    Intermittent wing mirror indicator

    The passenger side wing mirror indicator is being temperamental at the moment. It wont work when the car is cold started but after 10 minutes will be fine. Im confused as to why this would effect the wing mirror so does anyone more technically minded than me have any idea why this is and what it...
  19. MB-BTurbo

    Remapping the B200 Turbo

    I have finally had a sensible insurance quote for getting a remap (£75 - I must be getting old) and will be looking to get it booked in the next few weeks, probably with AD Edmundson. Price is a reasonable £225 or £295 with a rolling road. Is there anything that might be different when...
  20. MB-BTurbo

    What exactly is a 'D' service?

    Took my B class into a Mercedes dealership today for a quote as my dash is telling me I have 1500 miles until its due a D service - 6 years old, 35000miles. Apparently its the same as a B service. A (+C) = minor, B (+D) = major. I was told that an A was £225. Not much help as I asked for a D...
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