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    -06 C320 cdi estate Sport Edition

    Our family expanded a couple of weeks ago so I had to buy a X5 to fit everyone in :) So I'm selling our old family car we had for the last 7 years, it has been a great car. It's very tight, zero rattles or squeaks. Drives lovely. Sport Edition - This was the top spec model in the run out...
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    W203 estate tailgate striker/hoop loose

    Tha hoop thing that the tailgate catches on is very loose on my car, how do I get to the bolts holding it? I've removed the 4 screws holding the surrounding trim but it won't budge and even if it did, is that the right way to go about it? Thanks
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    Robotic Lawnmower

    Looking to buy one of these, anyone with experience? I Like the look at Robomower RC304, really only because it looks to be good at edges so leaves very little for the trimmer.
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    V6 320cdi (OM642). Change poly v belt

    Is there a guide out there on how to do this on a 2006 c class? Will I need any special tools? Am I likely to find other issues/need other parts? The belt is cracked from age. I found this, that for a GL. Is it the same prcedure and as easy as that seems...
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    shared usb hard drive mac

    I have a spare usb hard drive I would like to put to some use. Ideally I would like to store all music and photos here and have it accessible for anyone on our home wifi. The router (virgin) doesn't have a usb port. Can I hook it up to the Imac and somehow make it accessible to...
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    houses, diy, gardens etc

    Can anyone recommend a good forum for a new house owner? I know there are knowledgeable people on here but I have lots of questions and things to do so I think I'm better off on a dedicated forum. Thanks
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    Valet parking driving my car 70 miles

    Hi :) Valet parked our car for about a week (airport), and came back to see someone had driven it a fair way, some 70 miles according to the paperwork, and it corresponds with the used fuel as well. Anyone has any experience of this, or what I should do? Valet parking company (official...
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    245/45/17 vs 235/40/17

    Hi :) Putting winter tyres on my w203 320 cdi. Rear tyres in standard size 245/40/17 seems to be relatively rare (expensive). What alternative sizes would work? 235/45/17 for example is a fair bit more common/cheaper. Thanks, Fred
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    UK customs clearance

    Anyone know about this stuff? I ordered a bunch of car parts from the US, and this morning I got a call from WFS Worldwide Flight Services asking if I have a UK customs clearing agent. Its clearly my delivery as they know where it comes from, and they recommended someone called Quest...
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    Schools, private vs state?

    My oldest is starting school this year and I'm doubting our decision.. To be honest I have been lazy on the subject and haven't put a whole lot of thought on it, as back home (Sweden) the system is very different and you just seem to go to the local school and that's about it. Most of our...
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    Leonard Cohen tickets

    I have four ticket for sale for the performance at the O2 arena London the 21st of June. They are in the middle, 1/3 from the front of block 107. I have no idea what they are worth really but will accept any reasonable offer. 100% genuine of course. Cheers
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    Ed Milliband

    Now.. I pretty much despite all politicians from all parties, but when this fella comes on the telly I really want to hide behind the sofa. I feel embarrassed for his sake. Also I have never come across anyone who likes the guy. Do you like/trust/vote for him?
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    On the subject of con-food..

    Pancake day yesterday so off down the shop to pick up what we needed. I was flipping pancakes, wife and our 2 little boys wipping cream (back home in Sweden we eat pancakes with wipped cream and jam). So me and the boys were trying the cream, as you do, and it tasted foul. As it happened I...
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    Gatwick airport lounge

    Going on long haul holiday on friday so am required to check in quite early means we have to spend a couple of hours in the airport. To make it less stressful i though id book the family in to a lounge. Does anyone have experience of the gatwick north lounges, serviceair or nr1? Is it worth...
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    Accident, junction/roundabout overview?

    Hi, I had an accident recently, and stupidly i didnt check the roundabout before i left. Is there anywhere i can find the layout/overview of roundabouts? This was quite a big roundabout, just off the M1 junction 14, Thanks
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    c class (203) estate creaking at the rear

    Hi, My car has started creaking from the rear going over roadbumps and rough surfaces. I suspect its some rubber bushing failing. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Range Rover

    Sorry guys but i am selling the 'Benz'. ;) Since this forum is like the fountain of knowledge, i was hoping you guys could shed some light on this. I've been offered a -03 td6 vogue with 110k miles on the clocks. it's had 2 owners, the last had it for 3 years and selling because of new car...
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    Repair or write off? 2x hit and run!

    yesterday was a bit eventful... i had two people hit my car, and drive off, in the space of 10 hours!! first one annoyed me a bit, second almost killed me and looks like ruined my car. the first one they hit the left rear passenger door, just badly anought that it probably need to come off...
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    buying a XC90 (sorry)

    2 kids in car seats in the back means i need a bigger car, whilst im at it i though i might as well get 7 seats for the occasions you need them. i early dismissed the volvo, because of the dreadful engine/gearbox. then i started to look at the rivals. X5 - this would have been my first...
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    C320 cdi Estate

    Hi :) We've enjoyed this car for 2yrs and a bit now, but the arrival of second baby means we need something bigger. 2006 model limited sport edition+ 64000ish miles black metallic black leaher command parking sensors electric mirrors integrated booster seats heat repelling glass privacy...
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