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    W126 500se 1988

    Quick and dirty sales thread until I get home and sort a better one. Selling my 88 merc 500se, in midnight blue, cream leather, 89700 miles, new mot, short tax, good mix of spec, lovely condition. Bar a scratch on rear arch, and one crinkly chrome bumper piece in same side. £2000, car...
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    W210 e430 estate 1998

    Mercedes e430 Avantgarde estate, 7 seat model, 1998, 153,600 miles, 12 months mot, tax till Apr 14, 5 previous owners. FMBSH Till 108k then Independents, oil change 5k ago. 7 seats all leather grey interior, electric memory drivers seat, heated front seats, climate control, cd stereo...
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    w201 190 Roof rack bars and cycle carriers

    I have a w201 ORIS roof rack bars and cross bars to support two bikes. Was planning on fitting it to my w210 but it doesn't with the rails I have. Nice and solid, has 190 w201 on it, comes with one key. Offers, Pick up HA7
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    w210 reverse sw wire colour?

    Anyone have the diagram for the w210 wiring loom that plugs into the autobox selector, I want to find which wire if the one to the reverse switch so I can splice into it for my rear camera activation. Thanks
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    w210 undertray, Exhaust E430 Freeflow

    Anyone have the front undertray in good nick, and anything resembling a free flow exhaust for the 430 too?
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    w210 CLimate illumination?

    I drove the car tonight for the first time and it seems the lights (IF any) for the limate are not working, I have the red ones for which buttons are pushed but the LCD has no backlight, should it? And how easy a bulb to change if so?
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    w210 bits and wheels

    If anyone has a bootliner for a w210 estate, some winter rims then I would be interested.
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    My new to me E430 w210 Est

    Hi all, Well I have a lovely old w124 estate but fancied some v8 in my life so went for a bargain barge w210 e430 estate. Yes I know about the rust pitfalls but even if it lasts a year or two I am happy. Here is the spec: 1998 Avantgarde 133000 miles, MB history until 103000, 11 stamps in...
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    e430 brakes & 16" wheels?

    Looking for winter rims, and I don't have a manual for my new e430. Can 16" fit under the calipers on this model? Currently on 18" Amg's and dont think they will work in the winter!
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    w124 E300d Estate

    Location: Watford Price: 1000 Email / Phone: 07590 337485/ Selling my 1996 w124 Estate e300d Multivalve, as I am moving onto an e430 estate. Great car, super tough reliabilty, 170000 miles, cloth interior, A/C, EW, EM, ABS, PAS, SR, RCL, Fogs, Soft close Tailgate...
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    e430 opinions?

    1998 MERCEDES E430 AVANTGARDE . | eBay Tempted with these, any views? Which one out of the two, given both being the same price...
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    560 sel, opinions?

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Been tempted with this, what do people think, Say around 2k offer?
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    E55 Est on PH

    Finleys Cars I found this through ph and am tempted to take a look, has anyone else seen this car before?
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    w124 indicator stalk

    Mine has decided to become a kettle and gets very hot, think some contacts have melted in there! ANyone got a spare?
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    w124 rcl brain and keys

    My rcl has dies I think, tried resetting, the key works under a camera, so it has to be the rcl.
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    1996 e300 d duo valve P/N?

    Hi, Trying to idetify my dead duo valve, its from an estate diesel, with A/C. It has the exit port going to front of car, pump, two soleniods, then pipes on other end, two going to the matrix I assume, one with incoming arrow and what feels like the hot flow, and then a blanked off pipe exit...
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    bulb warning light w124

    My warning light comes on when turning to side lights. I have check the 6 culprits but they all work. Both number plate, rear side, and front side lights are on. Rears are both 10w. Any clues? Should I change fronts to be sure.
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    bodged wiring duo-valve help

    I took a quick look at my duo-valve heating problem of it always blowing hot. Have read up and am well aware of the cleaning route and will be doing that tomorrow. My problem is part of the problem could be the cut and bodged wiring I have found. The duo valve plug is wired fine, the recirc...
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    w124 CL vacuum pump motor

    Anyone got a 124 800 21 48 pump? My motor has burnt out I reckon. If you have one witha dead pcb, maybe I can use the motor.
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    returned to the fold, w124 300d estate

    Hi, Have picked up a 96 estate 300d, nice car but has some niggles that need sorting. Here are some pics New tow car, very pleased. | Facebook So the hit list is, Rev counter not working Heater blows hot only No CL, remote lights still flash, fuse C ok, pump? Few trim bits, headlamp wiper...
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