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    your first car

    Triumph Vitesse 2-litre mk 1 (with overdrive - 6 forward gears in a 1967 car!). Most of the time I had it, it had no reverse. However, a) I lived in Bristol at the time which is quite hilly and I used to park facing uphill, using gravity to do the reversing and b) it had an incredibly small...
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    W114 280E - Immaculate, original cae

    I have advised the auction company and they have amended the title, although in the specification 'panel' it still says 280E, and it still refers to injection in the text.
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    W114 280E - Immaculate, original cae

    Good point, unless for some reason they omitted the E on the boot in the South African market? Anyone able to tell from looking at the engine pics? Also, I'm fairly sure it will be a four-speed box (albeit one that starts in second unless floored), not three as alluded to in the blurb.
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    The most expensive part for MB?

    Are parts for the 600 (W100) still listed?
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    The original LA is just outside Bristol - Long Ashton.
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    They live among us

    Why destroy the vehicles though? Why not confiscate them and auction them off (and raise a few quid for victims of dangerous driving perhaps?).
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    Even more new jokes...

    So, we'll finally be out of lockdown next week, although to be honest I knew it would end in tiers.
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    The Football Thread

    When I was 21, my cars tended to cost about £140 rather than £140,000.
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    Parking problem - Porsche

    I think you probably mean <2s - 60 and <9s quarter.
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    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    Was the Geordie hoaxer ever caught?
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    Even more new jokes...

    Why can't Trump go back to the White House? Because it's forBiden.
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    W223 S-Class Revealed

    I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere too. Also, V8s are denied to us I think.
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    Bought a new red Bentley today!

    Ok, thanks!
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    Bought a new red Bentley today!

    Out of interest, what does the '50' signify on your Audi's model designation? I've noticed similar on other Audis too but mine's a bit too old!
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    Even more new jokes...

    My wife woke me to say that I’d been muttering something about being born in 1892 and having written Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Seems I’ve been Tolkien in my sleep.
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    Even more new jokes...

    I see some poor guy died from eating too much liquorice. Takes all sorts I suppose.
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    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    ^^^ Lancia of some sort?
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    Nice Looking W124

    Or 5-speed box, or leccy seats etc I would presume. The fact that he's highlighted illuminated vanity mirrors suggests a struggle to make it seem reasonably well-equipped! Still, the outside does look good, gangsta tints notwithstanding.
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