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  1. Tan

    Wiper blades!

    Have often wondered if these blade cutters work:
  2. Tan

    Parts for older Mercedes

    Thanks, I tried MB-Poole today, awaiting a call back.
  3. Tan

    Parts for older Mercedes

    Hi Are there any good parts suppliers or Main Dealers, that offer good prices or discounts on parts particularly older Vehicles. I am looking for a Brake Servo for a W140 S280. Thanks Tan
  4. Tan

    Brake Booster

    Hi I need to replace the brake booster in my W140 S280, which company is the OEM manufacturer for these parts? Or what is a reliablee brand to use, as I suspect the original Mercedes part will be very expensive. Thanks Tan
  5. Tan

    Brake Efficiency (service and parking) below requirements

    Hi My W140 S280 unfortunately failed its MOT today, due to Brake Efficiency (service and parking) being below requirements, the garage said that they can't tell me what it may be until they have it looked over, which can't be done until next week. When I press the brake pedal I hear a hissing...
  6. Tan

    R129 & R230 SL500 experience

    I do miss my R129 SL500, I even kept my S1 SDO plate from it, as I always hoped that I would buy another one day, but as time goes on that's looking less and less likely, with the push towards greener vehicles. Think the later SL's lost out to the 911 in many ways, as they were 2 seaters...
  7. Tan

    W140 Wing Mirrors not working

    Hi Since someone stole the mirror glass off of my car the mirrors have stopped working, I have tried the fuse (number 30) and that is fine. Are there any other fuses or anything else that I should check? Thanks Tan
  8. Tan


    I upgraded the Mercedes APS30 (i think) headhunt with an Alpine unit and the sound was vastly improved. From everything that I have read you can get a better sound than that of the Bose, using quality aftermarket speakers and amps fitted into the existing mounts, so would look OEM. Great news...
  9. Tan


    Any pics of the car with its new shoes on?
  10. Tan


    Congratulations, a great classic you have there, must take mine for a drive this week. Am envious of the sunroof, its one of the options that I really wish I had.
  11. Tan


    I have a '98 S280, which has covered 79k miles and has been in the family for nearly 20 years and used to belong to my late father. It has been fairly reliable over the years, but currently has a few issues, faulty AC, central locking pump and the electric mirrors failed after some toe rag...
  12. Tan

    W140 left side wing mirror

    Hi I need a replacement passenger side wing mirror for a UK W140 S280 1998. Preferably Silver, but will consider any colour. The car has electric folding mirrors, but not memory (not sure if this actually makes any difference to the type of mirror). Thanks Tan
  13. Tan

    My dad, Bruce Millar

    Dear Molly, I am so sorry to hear the sad news about your Dad. I had the pleasure to meet him on one occasion and will remember the help that he gave me. Try to remember the good times, having been where you are now after loosing my parents to Cancer, time will make things easier, thoughts and...
  14. Tan

    New iPhones...

    Hi Is anyone having 4G problems with an XS? I have an XS Max and the phone often drops into 3G and I have had many dropped calls recently. Regards Tan
  15. Tan

    iPhone 7 plus 256GB

    Open to offers
  16. Tan

    iPhone 7 plus 256GB

    My new phone has arrived and I have a trade in offer of £400, but would rather let someone benefit from the cheaper price rather than let a business make a load of profit on it. Regards Tan
  17. Tan

    iPhone 7 plus 256GB

    Hi I am selling my iPhone 7 plus 256GB, its in good condition and is covered by Apple Care+ warranty until 2nd October 2018. It is currently on Vodafone, but I have applied to have it unlocked. Colour is matte black Capacity: 256GB Comes with box and charger I have always used the phone with...
  18. Tan

    Anybody else get excited planning new home cinema and audio kit?

    When I upgraded to the Yamaha RX-V677 I was hoping it would last me a few years as it says that it can handle 4K, but unfortunately it can't pass through the 4K signal from the Sky Q box.
  19. Tan

    Anybody else get excited planning new home cinema and audio kit?

    The issue that I have is that I currently only have one HDMI running between my Receiver and the TV, so connect all sources directly through the reciever.
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