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  1. sym

    Too embarrassed to say !

    .... been a little while since I was in here, sadly devoid of MB at the moment - hope you guys are still doing well ! S.
  2. sym

    W168 A Class dodgy indicators!

    Hi All Help needed please - summary of problem : Indicators on 2003 A Class intermittently signalling opposite direction - Windscreen wipers also intermittently freezing until engine switched off and restarted. Control stalk has been replaced by independent garage, windscreen wiper...
  3. sym

    C220CDi (w204) - weird cold-start..

    Same here - very normal :)
  4. sym

    FS : C55 Steering Wheel with gear change buttons

    Still available, and now on eBay - let me know if interested.
  5. sym

    Iphone IOS 4 and contacts

    Hmmm.. I suspect this is something that apple still need to fix .. as IOS 4.1 works fine on the iPhone 3G ... must be an iPhone 4 thing. I have the pre-wire also, but don't think there's a cradle available yet ??
  6. sym

    Iphone IOS 4 and contacts

    Has anybody succeeded with IOS 4.1 + iPhone 4 + W204 COMAND ? I still can't get it to receive business cards ... am I doing something wrong ?
  7. sym

    Iphone IOS 4 and contacts

    Slightly off topic, but you can re-name the folders .. just hold the folder till everything 'wiggles' , then open the folder, click on the title, and edit it :)
  8. sym

    Iphone IOS 4 and contacts

    Very easy to do on the iphone .. just hold the home button, and it works through the car mic & speakers when the handsfree profile is connected. COMAND linguatronic voice control only works if contacts are loaded .. or you have to speak the whole number - which is not an option !
  9. sym

    Wheel bolts rust

    This is indeed an issue .. and on the car I have just bought (W204 - less than 2 yrs old) I made the dealer replace all of the wheel bolts first, as the state of them was appalling ! They didn't seem at all put out by this request - seems like they are used to people complaining! I have never...
  10. sym

    FS : C55 Steering Wheel with gear change buttons

    Anybody ? Going on eBay shortly, so make an offer if interested !
  11. sym

    FS: ViseeO MBU-2000 Bluetooth Unit

    Still available .. anybody want to make me an offer before it goes on eBay ? S.
  12. sym

    Iphone IOS 4 and contacts

    Unless I'm missing something blindingly obvious, I can find no way to bluetooth the contacts from iPhone 4 to the W204 COMAND. Hands free functionality works fine, and the phone has its own built in voice recognition which works fine for dialling .. but its a pain not to have the contact name /...
  13. sym

    I just thought I'd say...

    Come on Greg, you know you want to ;)
  14. sym

    Iphone IOS 4 and contacts

    Just got iPhone4 .. will test with W204 COMAND this evening and let you know ! iPhone 4 awesome, by the way ;)
  15. sym

    Non Mercedes Parking Sensors

    Why would you want to turn the rear ones off? They should already be wired to the reversing lights, so that they are off at all other times than when you are reversing - when presumably you would want them switched on ! Is this not the case ? S.
  16. sym

    FS: ViseeO MBU-2000 Bluetooth Unit

    This will work with all cars having phone pre-wiring and a UHI connector - adding bluetooth phone integration to Audio 20 / 50 / COMAND. In perfect condition .. this is a couple of years old and works seamlessly .. only selling due to upgrading my car to COMAND with integrated bluetooth...
  17. sym

    FS : C55 Steering Wheel with gear change buttons

    For Sale : Steering wheel - W203 Fitment - originally fitted to C55 but has been installed on my C200 CDI for the last couple of years. This will be a straight swap for any car already fitted with gear change paddles, but will require some coding for cars that did not have this specified as an...
  18. sym

    Stolen registration plates

    Sorry to hear this Tan. The same happened to me a couple of months ago, whilst away from home. MB Watford were extremely helpful and agreed to issue new plates without the necessary documentation, as luckily I'd had the car serviced at a London MB dealership about 6 months previously, so they...
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