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    How is the price possible!

    You should have bought the two sizes then and donated the one that didn’t fit to a homeless charity to keep somebody a bit warmer
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    Even more new jokes...

    There is differing levels of wrong about that !!!
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    I’ve been batch cooking today so have some choices Looks like a chicken Karahi tonight with loads of sauce ready for the freezer Also made a big beef /ale stew and a big batch of arrabbiata sauce which is great for a quick pasta dish Pot of chicken, carrot, leek and rice soup too.
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    Virtual Pub

    Might need to have a hair of the dog Decided last night to have some of the Belgian beer selection that I got at Christmas They went down far too easily and some of them were over 8% abv
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    He Who Posts Last . . . .Wins . . .

    Yes Me :-)
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    He Who Posts Last . . . .Wins . . .

    No it doesn’t
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    Bass player is superb
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    Track Days

    Sadly no real decent track near me Used to race bikes at Knockhill but, in truth, it’s a crap track for cars as the straights are too short and the cambers are a bit weird. The track was much more fun before the sanitised the area around ‘Scotsman’
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    TV License / Anyone Cancelled ?

    So the punishment for not having a TV licence is ultimately jail time. Where you get free TV !!!
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    I could comment about her but I am a fraud to say that it would probably lead to me being banned forever. Let me just say, I’m not a fan
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    What is it like to be SERIOUSLY wealthy?

    If anyone has some serious spare change and feels charitable - I’m quite prepared to give it a try being rich and report back in ten years or so
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Paella tonight for us
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    What is it like to be SERIOUSLY wealthy?

    Petrol Pete let his mask slip The seriously wealthy have an alternative site to eBay
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    Recommend a Snow Foam Lance for Karcher K4

    I use it with a Nilfisk Never had any issues and great adjustment ability
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    Word association game

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    Anyone know the date of next series of the grand tour starts yet.

    That episode was a total Grand Hunt. Awful - take it out and shoot it now
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    ... and now you need to share the recipe for all of us !
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    You should move up here to see real incompetence within a party in charge !
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Last night Veg Pakora Lamb bhuna Rice Chapati Was rather delicious
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    Park Assists Disabled on all new Mercedes help!

    If it was a part of the detailed specification on the vehicle build then it is a simple de facto point
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