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    Car spec when new??

    How do i know what options were specified on my car when new? Looking to find out what was standard and what was an option back in 1999 - car is a CLK 320 petrol convertible. Thanks
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    Cleaning cloth hood - W208 Cab

    What is the best way to make my cloth roof look like new? It has a few mould/mildew spots that won't come off plus it appears to be lightened by the sun in some places. Rear edges have some mould marks too. So far I've tried normal washing, scrubbing with nailbrush and toothbrush, car shampoo...
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    Tyre wear on rears

    I have a W208 320 and I'm having to replace the rear tyres. Both are worn on the inside edge which I thought strange. I know aggressive cornering will wear outside edges and tyre pressures can wear middle or both edges, but how do you wear an inside edge? Is camber adjustable on these? The wear...
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    Audio equipment, Amp and sub box

    I have a Caliber brand new amp for sale model CA 110.2 - runs 55W RMS per channel or bridged mono 150W RMS. It went on the car for about a week, maybe less and was too strong for the small sub it was running so put my old amp back in. It's boxed with instructions leads etc. etc. as new. Also...
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    Help, lost a belt and pulley looks knackered!!

    On motorway last night and battery charge warning came on the dash, noticed as changing lanes that the steering had gotten heavier and then after another 20 minutes of "I can make it home before it dies" about every warning light came on and I lost power. Taken home on a low loaded as the belt...
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    Car not turning over - intermittent

    OK, not sure if this is electrical or mechanical. About 1 in 20 times you go to start the car it just turns over for a fraction of a second then everything stops. You have to turn the key back to the off position and restart. It always starts second time you try when this has happened - until...
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    Replacement wheels and tyres for w208

    Hi Just after some general advice for now. I have a 99 clk conv with some aftermarket 18's. They are very heavy when off the car and look to have a very low offset though I can't find it stamped on them. This is the first Merc I've owned so I don't know if it's affecting the way it drives...
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    Seat belt wet CLK Cab W208

    The seatbelt on the passenger side keeps getting wet if it's left parked overnight in the rain. 99 w208 cabrio. Car was off the road over the winter and it didn't do it last year. Are there drain holes that may have become blocked? Maybe the seals somewhere on the passenger side are letting...
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    Sub cutting out at high volume

    I have a 99 CLK and the setup is aftermarket head unit, standard front and rear speakers ran from head unit, sub in box in boot ran by a caliber amp bridged down to one 150wRMS channel. When I turn the volume up past a certain point I can hear the sub intermittently switch off then back on etc...
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    w208 cabrio rear sub

    Hi Just got to the sub in the rear of my CLK and want some info from the audio experts out there. Sub looks ok, Karmann paper cone but no rips or tears, 4 Ohm and has a left and right input into a little electronics board fastened to the back. The sub doesn't work so I assume the board is...
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    CLK Conv W208 boot sub not working

    Hi everyone, want some advice on what is fitted to my car. Not had it long and the stereo setup isn't standard. Just swapped an aftermarket Kenwood head unit for a new bluetooth one and had a good look over the car. In the boot there is a Sony xplod amp which appears to power the sub that vents...
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    Best place to source trim?

    Hi, I need a wood trim piece for the top of my door. Looks like the old one snapped off by the bits of broken plastic on the mounts. Pic of the door attached, car is a 1999 CLK 320 Conv - cheers.
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    Do 18" curbed alloys have any value?

    Recently bought a w208 CLK with a set of 18" wheels on. Don't mind the look of them but they are curbed and heavy with the (I'm told) wrong offset. I want to go back to MB 16 or 17's when I find some. The wheels are 18's with 4 legal but odd tyres and have Garsson GR 1/12 stamped on the face...
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    1999 CLK heater fan intermittent and windows

    Hi all, I've recently bought a '99 CLK Convertible and have a couple of issues. Firstly the heater fan only works when it wants to, it's about 50/50 whether it will work with different settings AC on or off etc. all not making any difference - any suggestions where to start? Checked fuses when...
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