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    Mercedes E320cdi Avantgarde Estate £1500

    My 2005 E Class Estate up for sale because I have bought another car. £1500 for quick sale Details are: Car bought by me from MB Bristol in 2006 and in my ownership since. Demonstrator plus 1 private owner before me 55 Reg S211 E320 CDi - 204 bhp -colour silver In line 6 cylinder engine...
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    Seized Water Pump E320 CDi (on M6)

    Technically this has now been resolved but I thought it worth posting my experience and warning signs I probably should have picked up on because the water pump seized on the M6 in torrential rain throwing the polybelt off. The car had been vibrating at tickover for some weeks (I thought it...
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    DPF Diagnostic- difference between "load state" and "soot content"

    Carrying out diagnostic on my E320 CDi (W211) using Delphi software I get 2 readings of real time data for the dpf. One is for "soot content %" which I understand and the other is for "Load state %" which I am not clear on although I assume that it refers to the ash content in the dpf. Does...
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    Genuine Mercedes DPF differential pressure sensor - fits E320Cdi (maybe others)

    Genuine Mercedes Pressure Sensor Part No A642 905 01 00 Correct part for 2005 E320CDi - OM 648 engine but may fit other Cdi engines Bought new end September 2017 and I recently replaced because I thought it was faulty. However, turned out that the DPF needed regeneration - nothing wrong with...
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    S211 - 2005 E320CDi Avantgarde Estate 7 Seater Excellent condition

    The independent that services my car has a nice 2011 E Class up for sale at a very favourable price.I'm interested in it but I would need to sell my own first. Would need to be a fairly quick transaction as I don't think the 2011 car will be around for long so looking to see if there is any...
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    Limp mode after MOT - E320Cdi

    My W211 E320CDi went into limp mode on Friday following an MOT test. I did initially think that this had something to do with the gearbox as the car was showing a torque convertor related fault code. Having cleared that code it has not returned and in any event the car seems to change gear OK...
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    E320 Cdi in limp mode after MOT - gearbox issue

    Took my W211 E320cdi for an MOT yesterday - passed fine with no advisories. However, on drive home after about 2 miles it went into limp mode. I've read the codes and reset them but the car still goes back into limp mode. The main recurring code seems to be P2511 The torque converter...
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    Wanted: W203 Estate with leather

    I'm looking for a C Class W203 estate with leather Not too fussed whether it's diesel or petrol. Would prefer Avantgarde SE or Sport Don't really want a silver one Please PM me if you have one Thanks
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    FREE ! - fantastic E Class accessory

    Sorry I lied! It's an easy pack for a S211 Estate. Had the car 11 years and never used it once - I have no idea what it's for and if you ever put the seats down then it's just plain in the way. It's now in my garage and it's in the way there too! I'm not really selling this am I -that's...
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    Broken exhaust support - E320 CDI

    Going out last night and started the car up to a terrible racket from the rear. On closer inspection this morning it looks like there is a break between the exhaust and a cross support - I think on reflection it has been catching on the crown of my driveway. Sorry it's not a very clear picture...
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    P0426 and P2084 Fault codes - hopefully solved

    Thought it might be useful to post up here how I have hopefully got rid of the above fault codes both of which relate to the catalyst and/or exhaust temperature. My car is a 2005 E320 CDi with the inline 6 engine - code OM648 The car repeatedly went into limp mode and showed the following...
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    2005 S211 E320 CDi Avantgarde 7 seater £2300

    I've owned this since 2005 and want need to change for something newer. Have been offered £2300 by WBAC so happy to sell for that to member here. 150,000 miles but regular servicing maindealer then independent Very nice car but does have a bit of a shudder on hard acceleration - not sure what...
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    Getting P1409 Fault Code

    I'm getting the above fault code on my E320 CDi Inline 6. Symptoms are car going into limp mode if I exceed 3000 revs. Clears if I stop and restart. The fault code is described thus on my reader: "EGR Vacuum regulator solenoid circuit fault" As my EGR is electronic could this relate...
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    W211 - DPF Pressure Sensor Problem

    I have a W211 E320CDi in line 6 which keeps going into limp mode although no CEL comes on. The symptoms are the car goes normally for about 5 mins and then won't rev past 2000 RPM I have had a look at most possible/probable causes and I have an idea that the cause may be the DPF Pressure...
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    320 cdi turbo location For inline 6

    I have a 2005 w211 e320 cdi with I6 engine. I would like to check out the turbo actuator as having jerking symptoms under hard acceleration. There seems to be lots of info for V6 but I can' t find any suitable photo/video or diagram for my car. Be very grateful if someone could point me...
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    Trickle charger connection S211

    Hi - need to connect a trickle charger to an S211. Is it possible/ advisable to connect via the terminals under the bonnet as access to the rear battery compartment is restricted. Have researched the point but opinions differ. Does anyone have the definitive on this? Thanks
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    55 reg e320 cdi avantgarde estate

    For sale 2005 E320CDI Avantgarde Estate auto Bought from MB Bristol 10 years ago and owned by me since. Prior to that demo plus one owner Leather interior (Black ) Heated electric seats -drivers is memory Comand plus Dension unit allowiwing ipod or usb to play through comand Remote tailgate...
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    Need access to four post lift

    Don't know if this is the best place to post but here goes. The gearbox on my E320 CDI (W211) - it's a 722.6 - is misbehaving. I've done lot of research and I'm reasonably confident that I can fix this myself - I'll at least do a better job than the garages that have looked at it to...
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    W211 Engine Undertrays missing

    Well when I say missing the garage that changed my transmission fluid took them off and didn't put them back - as well as not renewing the washer on the drain plug so it now leaks! Needless to say I was not impressed! They have now said that the trays are not in the garage but I have insisted...
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    Anyone used hydraulic ramps?

    I'm going to be doing some work on my 722.6 gearbox and obviously need access to the underneath of the car as I want to drain the transmission fluid and remove the valve body etc. I've done a fair bit of research including viewing some videos on youtube of a guy doing this in America where he...
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