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    W164 ML320 CDI engine issues - new mechanic?

    Hey there, I have had my 06 ML320 CDI for about 2-3 years now and for the past 4-5 months, it has started showing some signs of old age (105,000 miles). 1. First of all, the engine start up. Every morning it takes quite some time to get the it started, varying between 5-10 and sometimes even...
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    W164 inner trunk sills

    Hey all, I have been looking for the inner trunk sills since I got my W164, 2 years ago, as the left side started peeling off. I am having a feeling that I am not searching using the right keywords, that is why I posted here. Here's the thing I want to buy: It's the inner part, with...
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    ML320 W164 couple of problems

    I have an ML320 cdi from 2006. The problems I have are: - the left mirror does not adjust (only the right one works) - I have tried to look for the fuse, but I don`t know where it is - I only hope this is the problem; - an error message keeps popping up in the instrument cluster about a...
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