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    2001, w203, 270cdi, footbrake

    Where can I find the adjuster on the rear hubs for the footbrake, I can see the springs through the holes when I spin the hub but no adjuster ?
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    2001 w203 270cdi footbrake

    Where can I find the adjuster on the rear hubs for the footbrake, I can see the springs through the holes when I spin the hub but no adjuster ?
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    W203 2001 c270cdi alarm location

    Can anyone confirm the siren location ? mind will not shut up unless fuse is withdrawn but then cannot lock unless at drivers door handle :mad:
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    C270cdi s203 2001 oil leak

    Seem to have a small oil leak, which after trawling through posts suggests the breather/sensor/oil seperator pipe, gunk appears to contaminated the belt as well. I only do short runs, 10 mile to and from work at the moment so maybe breather gunked up, can anyone advise what I can disconnect and...
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    2001 c270cdi s203 engine mounts

    Anyone post a diagram and mercedes parts numbers for the above?
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    S203 c270cdi rear end rattle

    C270cdi rear end rattle Springs looked Ok and garage did not comment on these allthough could be difficult to spot, it's a metal rattling sound but only on a certain stretch of road between home and work( bumpy) I do also have a little vibration in and around the front end interior, connected ?
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    S203 c270cdi rear end rattle

    I get a little rattle in the rear end of my 2001 estate, sounds like the exhaust but checked everything as has garage and nothing to be seen, renewes the auto box mounting as it was shot but to no avail, where do I start ? anti-roll bar bushes? which drop links could cause rear end wobble ? ideas ?
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    C270cdi 2001 s203

    Can anyone advise if the 2005 C class merc head units are compatable with my old 2001 model which had a Audio 10
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    Rust on my 2005 C-Class Door Pillar

    Rusty pillar trim C270CDI 2001 AVANTGARDE s203 Anyone ever replaced these DIY ? wondered if these are difficult to remove and replace ie glued/screwed etc see screws on rear trim none on doors I can see?
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    2001 c270cdi s203 rear silencer box

    Need to replace the above but can seem to find a OEM part at any local exhaust centre, are these mercedes only parts and how much would one of these be?
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    C270cdi s203 2001 front calipers

    Anyone advise if repair kits are available for the above or are new calipers the way forward ? would need to do something with these , replaced discs and pads( MB parts) and still unhappy with braking
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    W203 clicking dashboard

    Having sorted the start up clicking actuator motor on my C270 CDI 2001 last year I have now got a clicking when moving the vent control from window to feet, no clicking on start up though, any idea where this is coming from before I start digging in the dashboard ?
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    2001 c270 cdi avantgarde

    amg alloy 2001 Is their a part number stamped somewhere on these alloys ?
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    2001 c270 cdi avantgarde

    cracked my drivers side front alloy wheel a little, enough to give me a slow puncture.Anyone know the most likely place to obtain one of these? these are the 17" x 7.5 ET37 5 spoke, part number I think is AMG B66031183 Any help appreciated
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    C270cdi lumpy idle and diesel smell

    I get a diesel smell in the cab intermittantly on start up, also a lumpy idle, wondered if I had a leaky injector ? Maybe the lumpy idle is the heater booster? Also if I was renewing the copper injector washers would this be a good time to renew the thermostat as I only get to 50d, 70d if I am...
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    C270cdi engine warm up

    Can anyone advise how long it should take my merc to warm up I reckon it takes 15 minutes or 5/6 miles to get to running temp My brothers old 202 2.5 diesel takes about a mile and I have noticed that our fleet of work 2.5 diesel transits are much the same if not quicker Maybe need to fit a...
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    Gauge on c270cdi air filter housing

    Hmm well maybe not a gauge but when I changed the air filter on my C270CDI tonight I noticed a gauge with adjustable knob !! Is this something to check air filter condition?
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    Front window washers C270CDI

    front window washers Replaced the front washer motor but still a dribble, daft thing is just before i changed motor, washers sparked into life full force!! thought I would check and change anyway and its now back to a dribble!! will have to check voltage.Tubes seen clear could my system have a...
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    Front window washers C270CDI

    window washer failure Looks like the colour of the tubing suggests the headlight washers are on same circuit as rear washers ? Looks like the windscreen motor has expired or almost, has been a little weak for a while Anyone know the part number of a new one ? Luckily due to the summer that...
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    2001 c270cdi s203 CTSMC002 stereo lead

    Stereo adaptor lead Connects2 CTSMC006 Mercedes Benz C Class Steering Wheel Control Interface - CTSMC006 from Connects2
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