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    W205 AMG compression problems.

    Ok, My MB Stealer has now had my car over 5 weeks. The last time I heard anything from them, 3 weeks ago, the issue was with coil packs.... The car developed a miss fire and pluging in my OBD-II tool, it reported a miss fire on #2 and #4. When the MB mobile mechanic arrived his Xentry showed...
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    W205: Allow car to "drive" with door open.

    Hi, Not as crazy as it sounds. Basically, if in 'D' or 'R' the action of opening the door puts the car in 'P' and applies the parking break. If the door is not fully closed, attempting to put the car in 'D' or 'R' results in the cryptic message on the console and a pinging sound: "Risk of...
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    Mercedes Me feature and improvments requests

    Hi, I think Mercedes Me is the start of something good - a truly connected car. However, Mercedes developers have a lot of work to do. I'd like to compile a list of feature requests, bug tracking and improvements that I'll send off to Mercedes. Not that I am expecting any preferential...
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    How to get Internet access on COMAND

    As a bit of a geek, I'm ashamed to admit I had to turn to the internet to try and work out how to hook up my COMAND NTG5 to the web via my mobile phone. Alas, there's not a lot of information on it, so I'll attempt to rectify it, mainly because someone was reporting how easy BMW's system works...
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    COMAND NGT5 Video Input

    COMAND NTG5 Video Input Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me the minimum hardware I require to connect an RGB or HDMI source to display video on the COMAND monitor? Googling like a mad man, I appear to need a Multimedia Video Interface. I have found: v.LiNK 2 video+RVC+RGB-input MB...
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