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    Virtually Brand New, ONLY WORN ONCE. Immaculate condition still has all the protection stickers on the Bracelet! PERFECT XMAS PRESENT. Complete with all PAPERS and boxes. MB Club special price £1450, (currently £2500 in most jewellers). This will be the eBay starting price when listed in about a...
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    R231 SL350 AMG Sport 2014. MB Approved warranty 27k miles

    Loved my 350 SL so now wanting a SL400 so need to sell. Superb condition. MB Approved used car warranty expires June 2018. FMBSH. Diamond White, Black perforated leather. ALL THE USUAL TOYS! Two tone alloys.27k miles.They are currently retailing at about 32k+ so close to £30000 would be fair...
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    Your days are numbered!!!!!!

    Sorry for tag line! The dealers are getting anxious to get their muts on my beautiful CLS cdi with just genuine 22700 miles. See my earlier post. They are going to showroom the car (Ticket price £18250, room for negotiation they say) not just on the forecourt! If you've hankered after one of...
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    2011 CLS Coupe 350 22600 miles Paladium Alpaca Grey

    MiNT CLS AMG 2011. w218. Paladium rare Alpaca Grey Leather Just 22600 miles FMBSH. Last service May 2017 MOT April 2017 New rear tyres £16500 Will outbid traders offers. All usual CLS fitment Memory Heated seats 6CD/DVD changer.
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    FARECLA G3 - Complete set of professional products.

    Folowing a recent competion win I have for sale the complete set of Farecla G3 Professional products. I would use some, but as my merc is less than 2 years old, all the products not needed (yet!!). I shall be placing set on ebay but I thought £60 for a fellow MB Club member is a fair price...
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    Last chance before ebay - Collection of Quality (Hasselblad etc) cameras/accessories

    Reluctant sale of my treasured Hasselblad camera equipment, Lens's and accessories, Metz flash guns, light meters, etc. All in very good or as new condition, all in perfect working order. Second time placed Ad on here, one last chance as next month off to ebay! Here is full list:-...
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    New CLS W218 ambient lighting - suggestions please?

    I had a look (laying on the floor looking up!) - and the ambient lighting strips seem to be fitted into the wooden door trims. Does anyone know if these are, or could be connected to work as an after fitment. It did not come with ambient lighting. Thanks.
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    Anyone know?

    I have the W218, ie New shape CLS, it appears that the ambient lighting strips are built into the door's wooden trims. Can these be activated ie 'switched on' as an after market fitment. Anyone know? Thanks.
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    Hasselblad - collection of Cameras, Lens's & accessories. Anyone before Ebay?

    I have decided reluctantly to sell my Hasselblad kit. Just thought I would post on here but no doubt will have to eventually go the Ebay route but maybe someone keen on photography could be interested. I have 2 'five' series bodies (pretty good nick, both working perfectly) 4 lens's - 50mm...
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    Will they fit?

    Perhaps one of you could answer this :- Simple question - I'm selling in the classifieds some 18" AMG alloys, sizes:- Fronts 7.5J offset ET37 Rears 8.5J offset ET30. These fitted without any problems my 2003 (onwards) CLK WILL THEY FIT THE EARLIER CLK? Without any spacers etc. Thanks in...
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    What other cars will these fit please?

    In the 'classifieds general for sale section' I have listed some AMG's alloys for sale. I bought them to use for the summer months in place of the 17" originals (kept for winter tyres!) on my 2003 CLK, so I know they will fit straight onto the CLK '02 onwards. Can any of you clever bods out...
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    New W218 (I think) ie 2011 CLS auto dipping function

    All of you with the new CLS, how are you finding the auto main beam - low beam function? On mine ever so quick to dip when sensor spots slightess glimmer of light ahead but the lights seem to take an age to return to full beam. Also when on full the throw seems too low, surely they are self...
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    Just a quick hello!

    I've gleened lots of info in the last 3 years visiting this site - Thanks to all who contribute - you are all Merc nutters!!! sorry fanatics. Decided to join this January as have some genuine 18", twin 5 spoke AMG's alloys for sale - someone out there is desperate for them!!!!!!! but I'm coming...
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