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    C55 Estate for sale

    Some may be aware it's for sale but I thought I'd post it up here too.... Much work done to it - details all in the ad. 46k miles. Japanese import. Currently sorting a running issue with it - have just replaced the MAF with a new Bosch item, but will need further investigation and this will...
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    C55 hesitating/ stalling

    Apologies if posting in wrong section. My C55 has started hesitating and lurching a bit at lower speeds and the idle is a bit erratic at times. I have done a bit of research and ended up removing the MAF and cleaning it, but if anything it hasn't cured it but made the issue more noticeable. Am...
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    Flickering Xenons. C55 AMG

    I’ve got a lengthy thread going on the AMG section, but this is a more specific query so I’m posting it here first. The passenger side xenon headlight on my C55 estate is flickering on and off quite regularly now. It’s not showing any dashboard warning lights. Simple bulb fix or something more...
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    C55 AMG estate incoming

    On its way in 6 weeks....from Japan.... I’ve got a low mileage 2005 C55 estate arriving. Will be my second C55 and my third AMG. However, I’ve got a shopping list of problems to figure out before it arrives. Namely; Sorting the Comand out (e.g replacement of the Japanese only unit with an EU...
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    2014 E63 Estate - service costs

    Im considering purchasing a 2014 E63 wagon which will be due a four year B service soon. It's covered low miles (30k) but I suspect from previous AMG experience, the B service won't be cheap.... What else needs doing at four years old, assuming they need spark plugs at this age and possibly...
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    S212 E350 CDi AMG/ Sport estate 2012-on

    On the lookout for a 61-plate onwards E350cdi estate in the AMG spec. Would ideally like the HK sound option and panoramic sunroof. A factory fit tow bar would be the icing. Must be in good shape with FSH and reasonable (sub-70k) mileage. Darker colour preferred but not too fussy as long as it...
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    My old C43 on ebay

    Just spotted my old car on the 'bay. Often wondered what came of it after it was written off and it seems it's only done 2.5k miles in the past 2 years. Last time I saw it, it looked like this..:( And it's now a CAT D btw... 1998 MERCEDES C43 AMG AUTO SILVER | eBay
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    Another boiler question

    My boiler packed up last week and had to have a new PCB fitted for a not insubstantial cost. Trouble is having spoken to boiler engineer and Googled the make/ model, it seems its notorious for being, well, a crap boiler. Any recommendations for good boiler cover/ care plans? Or all they all a...
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    Hi-Fi - Cyrus FM tuner for sale

    Selling a Cyrus FM7 Hi-Fi tuner, hardly used and in very good condition. Cyrus FM7 Tuner | eBay
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    Acoustic Energy floorstanding speakers

    Selling a pair of Acoustic Energy floorstanding HiFi speakers. Ebay ad here: Acoustic Energy AE109 floorstanding speakers | eBay
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    W124 thefts on the rise

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but W124 owners might want to be aware of this. Mercedes W124 Thefts on Increase Again | Motoring News | Honest John
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    "Jackass" star dies in car accident

    "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn and an unidentified passenger killed at the wheel of his 911 GT3 last night in Philadelphia. It seems excessive alcohol may have been a factor. Jackass star Ryan Dunn dies in car accident
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    Dirty thoughts about a 107SL

    Since the untimely demise of the C43, I've been Merc-less. My 'temporary' stop-gap car, bought whilst waiting for the insurance payout, is an Audi A4 diesel, but worryingly, it's starting to look like a permanent fixture. :ban: Lately though, the voices in my head have been urging me to buy an...
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    Another insurance write-off valuation question

    Anyone had any experience in dealing with insurance companies and negotiating on vehicle valuations in the event of a write-off? I've been asked to submit a couple of examples of C43's of similar spec and mileage to my insurers as evidence of the fact i think their 'market' value is well under...
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    Another bent Merc

    Without wishing to sound too self-indulgent, it's been a slightly sh*t few weeks - and today the icing was put on my cake of woes. A suicidal pheasant stepped out in front of the W204 C-Class hire car I've been using since my accident. Travelling at 60-ish I wasn't about to swerve into oncoming...
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    C43 salvage/ parts issues

    Posted on here abour three weeks ago about an accident in my C43 in which an emergency services vehicle crashed into me. The car has finally been assessed by insurers and deemed a total loss (category D). I am being offered an agreed value for the car having taken out a specialist policy...
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    Motoring solicitors - recommendations

    Looking for a good motoring solicitor - if anyone has direct experience of one please post. Done the searches via usual channels including Law Soc, but looking for more concrete recommendation.
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    Anyone had problems with Dell Laptops?

    Purchased a Dell Inspiron as a Home laptop in Nov 2010. From the get go it exhibited problems - crashes a lot with 'bluescreen' errors, unresponsive and infuriating touchpad and so on. After spending hours on the phone to tech support in India (chargeable phone line) they first reinstalled the...
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    60 plate RHD G Wagen

    I love G-Wagens, in fact a G55 is in my imaginary fantasy garage, but this one looks ambitiously priced to me. :eek: Mercedes : BRAND NEW G350 CDI BLUETEC 60 PLATE FIRST DELIVERY!!! RHD
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    Brake Assist

    Frightening experience on the M6 this afternoon - overtaking a truck, I was in the middle lane, came up behind another car and dabbed the brakes slightly to shed speed. I merely tapped the brake pedal and it seemed to shoot to the floor and full braking force was applied. I can only think the...
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