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    Wheel alignment pin for changing the wheel size?

    Wheel alignment pin for changing the wheel for a C Class 2016 W205 amg premium line anyone know what size it is i see on ebay M14 x 1.5 or M12 x 1.5 does anyone know what size i want, thanks in advance.
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    Wheel dust barrier spray?

    A few years ago i had i think it was a turtle wax dust barrier polish that you just sprayed on and wiped after washing the wheels. So fancied something like that again as i can't find it on the internet. Anyone know something that does the same thing, just a spray and wipe round the wheels and...
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    Wanted Spacesaver wheel and Jack W205 amg line 2016

    W205 Spacesaver Wheel and Jackamg 18" 2016 Wanted, thanks
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    Fuel, so i have read a few threads on here but.

    So reading through the threads on here about Premium fuel, for and against. Reading about it can stir a few people up, i have a diesel w205 30000 miles i will put in premium some of the time and sometimes put the cheaper one in, hopefully it will keep everyone happy? and the dpf filter i hope ...
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    VOICE COMMAND WORKING ? Audio 20 Telephone ?

    I don't know if i have this, can someone tell me please. W205 c class amg premium line, If i press the speech button on the right hand side of the steering wheel it goes directly to navigation and will work on the speech for navigation. But if i try to phone it will not do it through the speech...
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    Asked by a friend to sell this for him, a brand new in the box wheel part no/ A1704011202 8jx16h2.ET30 Ronel made in germany Pick up Romford Essex 5 minutes from the M25 £75
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    Stop start clues w205 yellow with a line

    Hi, so had the car a few weeks not many miles done normally only drive a few miles each way, the eco start stop WAS working, i just used it a couple of times for fun but switched it off. now on paying more attention i notice it on the dash it is yellow with a line across it. I did about 12 miles...
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    w205 door handle lights new?

    Hi, I have got a door handle light out rear outside, i have watched the youtube fixing video, this looks like agro but a good video so i can do that (i don't know about how much swearing will go on) So the question on the video he says he is fitting the new one's as mercedes had upgraded them to...
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    I'm Prepared for stick so how about this Williams waterless, but read first Please

    So the plan is a Black car C class, i know don't start i haven't finished, Wash 2 bucket, bucket guards etc, microfiber towels drying, then as a polish use, spray williams waterless it has the carnuba wax in it and polishes easy and looked good on my old E class dark green/brown colour carn't...
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    Memory steering setting when getting out of the car, Information please w205

    I have a 2016 c class w205 amg premium line with the memory seats and the steering that retracts when you get out. I would like it to fully retract when i open door to get out, It does go up and in a bit but i would like it to go in more maybe all the way if possible. Can you tell me if i can...
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    W205 2016 Dash cam, can i plug into hdmi slot on arm rest box THANKS

    W205 2016 AMG Premium line Ring Dash cam, can i plug the wire into hdmi slot on arm rest box, i have just bought the car and the cigrette lighter socket with the charger in wont close because of charger hitting on compartment lid/door. can i plug it into one of the hdmi slots in the armrest box...
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    C Class 2016 amg premium line spacesaver help please

    Hi, Just treated myself to c class 220d amg premium line 2016, 18 inch wheels. Can someone tell me whats size spacer saver wheel i should get PLEASE. is there a part number on one i should get and where would the part number be and what size tyre should it have? Also would i need a spacer or...
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    W211 rear near side drops after 4 days, when started it lifts up but is it time to sell ?

    Hi I have a w211 e class estate 06 plate avantguard 118,000 miles, its been a good car, but where the car has not been used it looses the suspension high on the rear nearside wheel after 4 days. When i start it up it comes up ok and drives nice but if you leave it 4 days it goes down again. i...
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    WANTED W210 Steering Wheel Beige

    Hi, My friend is looking for a Beige steering wheel for a W210 CDI, Thanks.
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    New Air Filter Part no A2710940204 Fits

    Hi, i forgot i had it,Part No A 2710940204 I bought it for a petrol C class 180 54 plate but i know it fits others, still sealed sold the car now so £10 if you want it, can be picked up Romford Essex, or plus postage. If no one wants i will put it on ebay, Thanks
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    2006 w211 e320 estate different wheel size ??

    Just had wheels refurbed w211 estate avantgard e320 2006 Are the front and back wheel sizes different ? i know the tyres are the same but not sure as thats what was on when i bought it. This is the 3rd attempt by them, confused they did them twice not to my satisfaction and the 3rd time they...
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    Tree glue whats best to remove the little blobs

    Hi when i am washing the car the trees we have here spit and you get little blobs about 2mm in size like a brown glue, they are really hard to get off. Any clues i am using hot water and picking with my nails but still a right job to get off, anyone know any easy tricks. easiest way it don't...
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    Millers fuel add out of date ???

    I bought some Millers diesel fuel additive, as recommended by some people on here. Looked on bottle and it says don't use after the date is up which is a couple of months ago. What do you recon still is it ok to use, theres no mould growing on it, do you think its like a supermarket date??? Just...
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    white polish mark

    Hi any clues how to get a white polish mark off the black plastic numberplate holder its very annoying, i have tried back to black but it comes back in a couple of days, thanks.
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    Best Tracker ???

    Hi any clues on which is the best tracker to have quite a few on the market now, any views :confused:, thanks. My daughter has bought a range rover and the insurance want it on for the car to be covered, so any thoughts appreciated.
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