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    Questions for the dealer

    It's now only two unbearable days until I pick up my brand new mercedes from the dealer. Given I last bought a car 12 years ago I am most definitely a little behind the new fangled times. Apologies if this is elsewhere (I couldn't find) but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on...
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    Hello from soon to be C43 owner

    Hello all, just thought i'd do a quick intro. Actually registered on the site many years ago but life got in the way of ever participating and hopefully I'll change that. I've owned a C350 sport coupe for the last 11 years, only meant to be 3 but it served me so well that there was never a...
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    Command has lost it!

    Today I started up my W203 C-class ('56) and both the on-board computer and command seemingly started up normally (they both came on with the usual info, the radio works etc). However, they no longer talk to each other. The buttons on the steering wheel dont do anything for command (volume...
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