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  1. Sorry Pete

    600 000 mile w211 220cdi With MOT history check:
  2. Sorry Pete

    Russian w124 Crash

    ooQmTPblIHI Skip to 25secs in. The driver was incredibly lucky to have escaped a secondary collision. Although he limped rather than walked away from this one, it looks like the minimal overlap took out all floor structures up to the B pillar..
  3. Sorry Pete

    80's Autotest, BMW 735i, Jag XJ6 and w126 420SE

    Remember when car shows were about the cars? Acceleration tests, turning circles, Db tests, complete with non ironical Rick Astley soundtrack. This period Dutch show puts the BMW, Jag and the big merc through their paces. The brake tests, slalom and elk tests are where things get...
  4. Sorry Pete

    W124 Door Mechanism Adjustment

    The drivers door on my 100k mile 300D needs more effort to close than the others, I take it this is due to wear. Is there a degree of adjustment available so I don't need to close it with such assertive action?
  5. Sorry Pete

    Wooden Spoon Trick

    NSFW if you understand Finnish. (or is it Icelandic?... ponder..) Anyway, the wooden spoon trick, perfectly executed. <object width="640" height="505"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_GB&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  6. Sorry Pete

    1991 w124 230E saloon 41k miles!

    Bidding starts at £1500, but for the mileage and apparent condition it's very tempting. If I were in for a saloon... Still searching for a 230TE, damn! Ebay link [click]
  7. Sorry Pete

    1993 w124 300D 99k £1595

    1993 w124 300D 104k £1595 Looks a good one, FSH, leather as well. I'd only be put off by the colour; Bornite is it? Here [click]
  8. Sorry Pete

    Clocked S124?

    Okay, so I heard that all the numbers on the odometer should line-up nice and straight on an MB, if not then it's likely to have been clocked. I'm thinking of seeing an 1992 S124 230TE that has 89K miles on the clock. I know low mileage ones do turn up occasionally, and I'll be judging the...
  9. Sorry Pete

    1989 r107 300sl £7750

    Looks like a better than average 300SL here. Re-listed, and he'll take under £8k for it. I don't think the loss of the S/h is a big detractor if the condition of the running-gear is in order, and it's thoroughly checked for rust. Here: 1989 MB 300SL ebay
  10. Sorry Pete

    R107 300SL Rear box

    Hello all, Just trying to source a rear exhaust box on my 1988 R107 300SL. I've checked on the Russian site for a part number, and Inchcape can do the part for £187.18, however it shows up as a part for a 250D. Can anyone confirm that the rear box on a 300SL is part number: A 107 490 84 21...
  11. Sorry Pete

    When was the last time you had a close call?

    I thought it would be interesting to see just how often you've had a near-miss on the roads, regardless of what car you drive. It's more an exercise in assessing your attitude, observation and awareness on the road, than anything else. The results may or may not be related to annual...
  12. Sorry Pete

    What have I done? Brake bleed = non-starter

    Hello all, Thought I'd be clever and bleed the brakes on my W124 300D this pm. All went well, brake fluid nice and clean again. I was using an eezibleed one-man bottle device at 10psi, and it overfilled the reservoir. I syphoned-out the excess, and I mopped-up as best as I could, though...
  13. Sorry Pete

    Chrome Wheel Arch Removal

    The chrome arches on my 300SL have been on the car since it was bought by my father over ten years ago. The car hasn't any rust on it, being a Spanish car for most of its life, and only fine-weather motoring in the UK since. The question is, do I remove the chrome arches and hope for the...
  14. Sorry Pete

    Bare Faced Distraction

    NSFW: Rally New Zealand Mark Tapper gets mooned. <object width="853" height="505"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  15. Sorry Pete

    1992 W124 saloon grey cloth interior

    Free to anyone who can pick it up, otherwise it's going on ebay no reserve. It's the equivalent orion grey colour, with the checkerboard type inserts. It's in mint condition, no wear to the driver's bolster. I wish I could say the same for the leather interior that replaced it. Included are...
  16. Sorry Pete

    Buying a House

    I've had an offer accepted by the seller on a house. It was offered to us by the agents prior to it going onto the market, and we had a look and made our offer. The thing is, as opposed to the other properties we'd seen, this comes with a chain in that the sellers haven't found an onward...
  17. Sorry Pete

    Something for the foot fetishists...

    Watch-out! Keep your socks on! Here's about the finest smut available of heel and toe action; NSX-R 7:56 Nurburgring :thumb: Honda NSX-R Time Atack in Nurburgring <object width="640" height="505"><param name="movie"...
  18. Sorry Pete

    What to do with a runaway Diesel engine

    As per title, taken from Wikepedia: Diesel engine runaway From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Diesel engine runaway is a common condition affecting diesel engines, where the engine goes out of control, consuming its own lubrication oil and running at higher and higher RPM until it...
  19. Sorry Pete

    Leaving a Motorway

    Okay, one for you that I've been meaning to ask for while since it happened though never got round to it. Say lane one is a dedicated filter lane for leaving at the next junction. Can you undertake traffic that intends to remain on the motorway in lane two? The example I use is the M25...
  20. Sorry Pete

    Pitstart Garage Acton

    Hello all, I've been meaning to post a thread on here about this place as I know it will be of use to some of you diy'ers out there. Basically the place is a fully kitted-out garage, without the mechanics. You can rent-out a space with a lift or a just a bay for £20 and £10 per hour...
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