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  1. Phil1968

    LED foglight bulb legality

    Have some LED bulbs in mind that give the correct beam pattern & therefore won't blind other road users but I can't seem to find an answer as to whether they'll fail an MOT or not. I know replacing the filament bulbs in headlamps is an MOT failure. All I could find on the government MOT website...
  2. Phil1968

    X-pipe vs straight pipe

    I'm having a resonator delete carried out next week to release a little V8 music. Is there much difference in sound characteristics between having an X-pipe or just two straight pipes in it's place? I know ideally the two pipes should connect to each other once somewhere along the way for...
  3. Phil1968

    OBD connector for dashcam power

    Looking for one of these connectors & I see that most of the ones advertised have a switch in the cable, so am I correct in assuming that the power supplied from the OBD port is a permanent live & not ignition switched? Universal 12/24V to 5V/2.1A In Car Dash Cam DVR Hardwire Kit OBD Tools Cord...
  4. Phil1968

    300e w124 on the Facetube
  5. Phil1968

    J-pipes (Helmholtz resonators) for CLS500 / E500

    Has anyone fitted J-pipes to their CLS500 / E500 with the M113 5.0 V8? And if so, what length did you settle on?
  6. Phil1968

    CLS V12
  7. Phil1968

    Vito Audio 15

    Trivial 1st world problem with the Audio 15 infotainment unit on my 2020 Vito work van; I recently had to do a system reset because of difficulty re-pairing a mobile phone to it. Now the "call list" facility has disappeared. I found it useful, an internet search has been fruitless, do you reckon...
  8. Phil1968

    2020 Vito 114CDI AdBlue

    Had a new work van for about a month & already it's telling me to fill the AdBlue tank, even though checking the level via the dash menu says it's over 1/2 full. Are Mercedes being overly conservative with the warning or is it a trip to the dealers for a software update maybe?
  9. Phil1968

    Airmatic air struts

    Are Arnott a good aftermarket alternative? Certainly a bit cheaper than OEM 😉
  10. Phil1968

    Muffler delete on CLS500

    These cars are quiet as a church mouse, even under full throttle you can just make out it's a V8 as it's very muted. I wanted to hear the V8 music without it being obnoxious so I opted for a rear muffler delete whilst keeping the resonator & all cats present. The mufflers can go back on quite...
  11. Phil1968

    '06 CLS 500 oil grade / dipstick location

    Handbook's as clear as mud 😂 Which oil grade for an '06 CLS 500 with the M113 5.0 V8? I looked back through old service records that the previous owner kept & that gave no clear result, it's had 5w-30, 0w-40 & 5w-40. Also, is the red topped dipstick in the pic at the rear of the engine for the...
  12. Phil1968

    Indy recommendation in Kent

    As above, can anyone recommend a good indy in Kent, I live in the Medway towns. Thanks.
  13. Phil1968

    Satnav update disc CLS 2006

    Hi there, just bought a very clean low-mileage 2006 CLS500 & realise that the satnav disc is still the original so is still on 2006 mapping :D Did a search on here but could find nothing conclusive, where are you guys getting your updated discs from, Ebay, or is there a site? Thank you.
  14. Phil1968

    Fruitier exhaust for CLS500

    Hi there, just bought a very clean low-mileage 2006 CLS500 (5.0) & would love to liberate some of that lovely V8 sound. Listening to some of the clips on YouTube I'm torn between doing a resonator delete or a rear silencer delete. I'm after an increase in sound but not something that's going to...
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