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  1. Nat

    Drainage channels on an A209, W164 and W219

    Got a couple of free hours tomorrow and have decided to do a bit of preventive maintenance. Could anyone be so kind as to tell me where the drainage channels on the above cars are located. Just want to ensure they are not blocked. Thanks :cool:
  2. Nat

    Great guitarists (with vocals)

    Just got back home after having a blast in my recent car purchase. My Son had his playlist going and we had a chat about great guitarists. Pink Floyd with coming back to life sounded awesome. Not a drivers song till it gets a bit later on in the song but great tune. Now I'm back home this is...
  3. Nat

    Mercedes CLK Coupe (209) 2003 onwards window shades

    Custom made Window shade blinds in the box. I had these fitted in my previous car until I sold it and they were very easy to fit in minutes and can be removed just as easy. Instead of tinting your windows these look like they are from a few feet away. I only used them for a short while. Would...
  4. Nat

    Some nice cars at Goodwood yesterday 22/9 with some awesome sounding Mercs

    Took a trip to Goodwood yesterday on my bike. Luckily enough there was a bit of track action on with some awesome looking cars. Anyone from yesterday on here? Something I didn't expect to see on the track - big green thing at the back.
  5. Nat

    2013 CLS63 in Red Makes a change from the silver and black although they have it listed as grey. Looks quite nice. I've no idea how competitive it's priced.
  6. Nat

    1996 MERCEDES-BENZ (W210) E320 - 3,032 MILES FROM NEW

    Not on the bay but this place has some interesting stuff 1996 MERCEDES-BENZ (W210) E320 - 3,032 MILES FROM NEW Currently at £8400. Not sure how the M3CSL is at £67k. Are they really worth that kind of money?
  7. Nat

    Locking wheel nut sheared off - what now?

    As luck would have it, not. The locking wheel but has sheared off on my ML. I popped into a couple of places local to me and none wanted to know. Has anyone used of the tools like these and how do you sort out the spinning collar?
  8. Nat

    Alternative size tyres for a 55 plus spare wheel question.

    I have 285/30/19 on the rear of my CLS55 and while they are ok I'd like to know if anyone has gone to a 35 profile. Having had the joy of replacing one of the rear wheels (£600) about 18 months ago due to cracks from our wonderful roads in the UK. My thinking is that a 35 would make it less...
  9. Nat

    One for ML owners regarding tyre wear

    Both my front tyres are wearing out on the inner edges. It's tracking is spot on and the pressure are ok. I seem to remember my last ML had a similar thing going on. The rears are ok and both have the same wear rate. Am I right in saying it's a characteristic of these cars?
  10. Nat

    CLK55 W209 at £5k

    Doesn't look a bad car for £5k Mercedes 2003 W209 CLK55 AMG Rare Colour | eBay
  11. Nat

    CLS55 - What's the chances of the airmatic and SBC pump both going wrong?

    On the way to the south coast to get my 55 serviced this morning and it pinged up with three messages at different times. 1st - add one litre of oil. No problem it was on it's way to getting an A service done 2nd - heard a hiss front the front then white message with visit workshop with an...
  12. Nat

    Data card request

    Would someone be kind enough to do me a data card if I message them the reg number? TIA :cool:
  13. Nat

    CLS55 front discs/pads

    I have done a search but no recent posts so hence this one. Anyone had to replace front discs/pads recently? I've had it come up as an advisory on it's MOT. They have a bit of a lip but nothing that seems excessive to me. Just wondering what the going rate is should I decide to get it done now.
  14. Nat

    2005 CLS55 number plate light

    I had a message display on the dash that one of my number plate lights isn't working I've just tried replacing the bulb and it's lighting up for about a second then going off again. I presume there are no fuses for these lights? Anything I should try to do to get it working or has anyone else...
  15. Nat

    2007/07 CLK 280 AMG Sport Convertible. 7G AUTO.

    90k miles. Full service history with 11 stamps in the book. Both original keys. 2 former keepers. MOT to Nov 2019. Sat nav. Heated front seats, front and rear parking sensors, Xenon headlights, Multi CD changer. Everything works how it should (air con could do with top up). Currently on private...
  16. Nat

    My steering wheel needs a clean

    The steering wheel itself isn't too bad but the part where the controls are for the radio, menu's, etc are caked in crud of some sort - W164 ML. I tried wiping it with warm soapy water using some heavy duty kitchen type towels and all it's done is made it hard to wipe and the towel breaks up and...
  17. Nat

    Detachable towing hook (W164)

    My ML500 (164) has the manufacturer/dealer hook up electrics but the detachable towing hook isn't in the car - not that I can see, unless it's hidden somewhere I haven't thought to look. I know it had one in the advert I saw of it so can only presume the last owner took it off before I collected...
  18. Nat

    Power steering reservoir o ring

    My ML500 (W164) has been leaving small oil leaks on my driveway. I had in booked in and it's coming from the reservoir and they've quoted to replace that. I didn't go ahead getting it done as I'd previously read up that it's usually the o ring that gives up. Are these easy enough to change and...
  19. Nat

    The dreaded lean - ML500 164

    I noticed recently that my ML is lower on the drivers side than the rest of the car. Also when I lock it with the remote it makes a gush of air sound from the drivers side front. I spoke to the place who last serviced it (Monarch) and they said they advised the last owner to change 2 of the...
  20. Nat

    Aftermarket reversing camera ML 164

    I did have a quick search but most of them were old posts, hence my new post. I'm looking to get a reversing cam fitted on to the ML 164. I did initially look into one that integrates into the sat nav but there prices I don't think are worth doing. I have read of some that will do the job with...
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