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    W219 heater/glow plug replacement

    No 5 glow plug needs replacement on my CLS. Can anyone tell me: Which one is No 5? Is it going to snap? :crazy:
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    W219 scrubbing tyres

    My W219 is scrubbing the inner edge of my tyres. Camber bolts have been done and geometry set by Merc but it's still doing it. Off-side is worse than near-side. Any advice?
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    W219 clunk on steering

    I have a clunk on steering when slow manoeuvring or turning the wheels when stationary. Has anyone else experienced this on a W219? It's been up on the ramp and there's nothing obvious. Car is a 320cdi with 94k.
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    Big thumbs up for Inchcape Liverpool

    Got into the CLS after work today (3:50pm) and tried to start it up. The starter went mental and just kept going but the engine wouldn't take. I had to switch it off using the key. Tried to start it again, this time it caught and started but the display flashed up ESP Error, ABS Error, Tyre...
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    The all new MBMW CL6S Series Coupe

    Erm, which one? Choices choices.
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    Oh my goodness. My eyes!!!

    :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
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    Complaint to MB Retail

    I thought I'd start a new thread about this as it may get more exposure to those who are interested. Old thread Ok. So I have sent a 3 page letter about al of the issues I've had with...
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    Contact details for MB Retail Used Cars wanted

    I'd like the contact details for the head office of MB Retail Used Cars (aka MB Direct) if anyone can help please. I need to send a massive letter of complaint. :wallbash:
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    I am suing Mercedes

    For damage to personal property. They owe me a perfectly serviceable pair of trousers. I saw one of these today.
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    Massive difference in MPG (CLS 320 CDi)

    Just thought I'd post something of interest on here about how much difference atmospheric conditions can affect mpg on these cars. Early morning runs give me 43-45mpg whereas late afternoon runs are giving me 38-40mpg on the same route. Quite a difference really. :eek:
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    Badgeless CLS grille?

    Is there a badgeless grille available for the CLS? Preferably in gloss black.:thumb:
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    Calling all CLS owners

    Having just bought a CLS 320 CDi (my first merc) I thought it would be nice to find out if there are any nice little tweaks, modifications, changes, hints or tips to do with the CLS? I don't mean stuff like sticking body kits on etc, just things which you've found may come in handy, may be...
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    Hello from new member and first time merc owner

    :cool: I've already put a few postings in but I thought I'd do it properly now that I've just picked up my new car. :bannana: So, hello. I live in North Wales just outside Wrexham. As well as cars I'm a big bike fan and currently have a Triumph Daytona and Honda Fireblade. The car...
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    Should I get it detailed?

    I pick up my new (to me) CLS tomorrow. I was going to gt it detailed as soon as possible. The paintwork is in good condition for a 3 year old car on inspection. Is it a good idea to get it detailed immediately to give me a good start point and make it easier to keep looking good?
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    Is it Saffron or Cashmere Beige?

    I'll be picking up my new (to me) CLS 320 CDi this week. Mercedes gave me a print out of all of the options,one of them is 204 Leather- saffron. However, the interior looks suspiciously like Cashmere Beige to me. Any ideas?
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    CLK Diesels. Buying/general advice please.

    Hi I need to change my car as I have a new job which requires the use of a car for business. My current car is an Audi S6 (5cyl Turbo). I've looked at and disregarded loads of cars so far as they just can't live up to the feel that the S6 has when you sit in it. I went to look at a few...
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