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  1. milleplod

    COMAND/Bluetooth query.

    In my now-departed W211, if the COMAND was off, an incoming call to my phone would activate it. Similarly, making a call from my phone itself would activate it. In my S212, '60 plate, neither of those happen - incoming call doesn't activate the screen, nor does making a call from the phone...
  2. milleplod

    S212 rear self-levelling - airbag replacement how-to?

    I took the plunge earlier this week and bought a pair of Dunlop airbags for my E350CDi. Fitting them seems fairly straightforward, but it would be nice to look at a step-by-step guide....if I could find one! Has anyone got a link to one at all please? The ones I've seen seem to refer to cars...
  3. milleplod

    W212 E350CDi thermostat.

    My mate intended replacing the thermostat for me this morning. He'd got a Febi one. On taking the engine cover off....problem! The one on the car has an electrical sensor fitted to it, the Febi one doesn't. We can't seem to find an aftermarket part that has the sensor. Has anyone sourced a...
  4. milleplod

    2010 W212 headlight delay.

    How do I disable the headlamp delay on my E350CDi? By that, I mean where they come on when I unlock the doors, and then stay on when I lock them? I can't find anything in the handbook - am I right in thinking I'll have to switch from auto on the light switch to stop it happening, or is there...
  5. milleplod

    2010 W2112 E350CDi engine temp.

    The engine temperature on my recently-acquired w212 stays way too low, only occasionally reaching the halfway point on the gauge. A friend is fitting a new thermostat at the weekend, so hopefully the problem will be sorted. My query's about the radiator fan. A couple of times, as I've come to a...
  6. milleplod

    Dunlop suspension airbags.

    Has anyone used Dunlop airbags at all? I've read all about Arnott, then spotted Dunlop ones - they have a 2yr/20k miles guarantee and come in at around £440 a pair. Pete
  7. milleplod

    [SOLD] Genuine 17" alloys with winter tyres.

    Bought, refurbed, fitted with winters, never used! Tyres are 2 x Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme, 2 x Nokian (can't remember which ones....), all having 6mm of tread and are 245/45s. Wheels are 8j ET38, balanced, and will fit various Mercedes, although they were originally from, and meant for, a W or...
  8. milleplod

    S212 self-levelling rear suspension- quick query.

    Having just sold my 280CDi Sport, I've found a very nice 2011 S212 350CDi to replace it. The owner tells me that the rear suspension drops 'more than an inch' overnight. The indy who's looked after it for the last few years says STAR shows no faults. Should the rear drop by any amount overnight...
  9. milleplod

    Higher-miles S212?

    I fancy an estate again, so am thinking of an S212 around 2010/2011. Thing is though, my W211 has 140k miles on it now, and it still feels relatively fresh - the interior could easily pass for a 40k car, the engine and box are lovely and smooth....a few jobs have needed doing, but nothing out of...
  10. milleplod

    Noise from underneath W211

    There's a really.....really!!.....annoying noise coming from under my E280 CDI Sport, it's driving me barmy! It sounds like the exhaust is hitting against something once in a while - there's a definite resonance to the noise, it's not a bang or a knock, there's a 'ringing' element to it, if that...
  11. milleplod

    [SOLD] Oris Big Crown Day Pointer.

    Another watch from my Oris collection, only being sold to fund another purchase. In excellent condition, and keeping excellent time too. 44mm, on original Oris leather strap with folding clasp. In original box, complete with owners manual. Crystal is unmarked, very (very!) light marks to the...
  12. milleplod

    Rear ride height, W211

    Sort of following on from my springs thread.... Whilst fitting new front discs and pads to my 280CDi Sport, my mate mentioned that the rns was sitting a bit lower than the os, about 3/4", when parked on perfectly level ground. There's no broken coil, so I'm wondering what else could cause it...
  13. milleplod

    [SOLD] Oris watch, Big Crown 'Cool Grey', 44mm

    This is in genuinely excellent condition. It dates back to 2013, the launch year for this version. Currently on a Hirsch 'Robby' strap (£65), the original Oris one is included too. The Hirsch looks a bit 'orangey' in the photos, but it's definitely red! This version was never available with a...
  14. milleplod

    W211 rear springs confusion.

    My 280CDi Sport could do with a refurb of the rear suspension. I've been looking at the parts list for the springs, and now have a headache! My car has the sports suspension option, I've added various 'points' that relate to different options on the build sheet (a total of 22 if I've got it...
  15. milleplod

    New wiper blade, A 2118200045, E/CLS

    I bought this for my W211, it doesn't fit - I didn't realise there are 2 types! :( It came in the packaging as per the pic, but that's been binned. £13 posted anyone? Pete
  16. milleplod

    Fortis Flieger 40mm Swiss automatic watch.

    Proper watch anyone....? In genuinely excellent condition with only the very slightest of marks from normal wear. All in brushed stainless. Crystal is unmarked and lume is excellent, keeps very good time. Sized to a max. 18cm wrist. No box or papers, will be sent in a generic box. A proper...
  17. milleplod

    W/S211 armrest lid catch.

    If anyone's got a left hand bird's eye maple catch knocking around, I've just broken mine! Bit of a long-shot, I know, but if you don't ask..... Pete
  18. milleplod

    W211 E280CDi Sport rear tyre wear.

    I've just given the car a good clean, fettled the wheels too....looking lovely.:) Whilst polishing the exhaust tips, I clocked the tread on both rear tyres....or lack of it! :eek: The outer 20% looks OK (the bit I've been glancing at frequently) with perhaps 4mm of tread, admittedly 'getting...
  19. milleplod

    W211 E280CDi Sport brake pads.

    Could someone in the know furnish me with front and rear brake pad part numbers for my car please....searching online seems to come up with multiple numbers! :eek: VIN is WDB2110202B044334. Pete
  20. milleplod

    Centre console trim.

    My car's previous owner must have had the centre console apart at some point, to fit an extra charging socket. The piece of trim on the side of the console doesn't sit flush with the neighbouring piece, as highlighted in the photo - I've pushed/pulled/prised to no avail, and don't want to break...
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