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  1. Dogbreath

    E55 TB Wiring harness.... Help needed if possible..

    Hi Chaps would anyone know a UK company to buy this Throttle body Harness... Rats have been in my engine bay and chewed the harness.... currently building a new garage so car is on the drive and the little furry bar stewards have been in... I’ve found a company in the States but was wanting a...
  2. Dogbreath

    FTP V2 Heat Exchanger

    FTP V2 Heat Exchanger - £280 Condition: New pics on request Collection from North Lincs up near Humber Bridge or can post Bought for my E55 but don’t need now as I got another one included in a performance kit thanks Lee
  3. Dogbreath

    W211 E55 Air Con Compressor

    Hi Chaps I’m after the part number for the aircon compressor on my car. Had a tapping/knocking noise which came and went away over a couple of days.. Took the supercharger belt off and noise was still there, started it up this morning and noise went away but red battery/Visit workshop message...
  4. Dogbreath

    Keyless Go start up problem?

    Had a real weird episode today, Last used my E55 2 days ago, no problems at all Gave the wife the keys to get in while I opened the gate, thought I’d be clever and use the keyless go as she still had the keys in her hand.. Car started kinda really fast and was revving, sounded really loud and...
  5. Dogbreath

    W211 M113K parts

    Hi Trying to clear my garage out as I’m building a new one and found a few bits 1 - pair of cam covers ideal for powder coating £50 2 - pair of surge tanks, I used these on my car when having my tanks painted, they were originally drilled for a lpg setup Then the small holes were welded up...
  6. Dogbreath

    E55k double pulleys + SC idler Torque settings

    Hi Has anyone got WIS who could find the torque settings for the double pulley and supercharger idler bolts please.... car is a 2005 E55 Thanks in advance Lee
  7. Dogbreath

    MB parts in the UK... where from ?

    Hi chaps I’m wanting to buy a Rad Top Hose for my E55 but apart from the dealers can’t find anywhere in the uk, I had a few merc parts links on my old phone but have lost them due to phone swap... any links would be great.. Thanks Lee
  8. Dogbreath

    Gates green HD SC belt part no. Request.....please

    Hi chaps Can a really clever member..... Usually Roger (AMGeed) or Jules (Cyclone1) supply me with the part number for the Gates Green HD SC belt for my E55 with 77mm pulley? Many thanks in Advance Lee
  9. Dogbreath

    What’s this....?

    parked against this CLS today..... is it a Real AMG ? I’ve never seen one before....?
  10. Dogbreath

    Stock W211 E55 AMG parts

    Clearing out the garage and I have for sale A pair of standard manifolds £30 A pair of standard primary cats, one end has been cut off (see pics) £30 A pair of intake manifolds / Surge tanks. There had been 6 little holes drilled for LPG conversation but i had them welded back up. I Used...
  11. Dogbreath

    Bonnet vents E55

    Has anyone had vents/louvres punched into their bonnets to help with reducing under bonnet temps ? Would it even work/help ? Not for looks! I have no issues with any heat probs but thought more cooling is good.... Cheers Lee
  12. Dogbreath

    How accurate is the fuel gauge warning light ?

    Hi Just curious as to how accurate the fuel warning light is compared to what miles are showing left on the readout. My warning light came on today at Quarter tank, command was saying I had 40 mile left.... is this about right...? I never usually let it get that low as a rule..! Cheers Lee
  13. Dogbreath

    Nightmare in the car park

    Absolute class....! Enjoy
  14. Dogbreath

    W211 Facelift aftermarket front Grill x2

    Hi I've finally settled on a grill for my E55 so have these 2 for sale. They are for W211 facelift 06 onwards or anyone with the E63 front end conversion. One is chrome the other gloss black.. the chrome one has a tiny crack on the edge (see pic) but doesn't effect fitting. Could easily be...
  15. Dogbreath

    Free Slade tickets

    Hi guys I've put this here as I thought it may get more veiws! I have x4 tickets to see Slade in Norwich on Fri 9th Dec.I can't go now so if anyone wants them you can have them free...! Would rather they be used than just thrown away... Thanks Lee
  16. Dogbreath

    Free Slade Tickets

    Hi guys I have x4 tickets to see Slade in Norwich on Fri 9 Dec. I can't go now so if anyone wants them you can have them free...! Would rather they be used than just thrown away... Thanks Lee
  17. Dogbreath

    Smashed AMG's

    Wow, just been having a look on Copart and there is 8 C63, 1 E55, 1 S63, 2 A45 AMG's :fail Sad to see such lovely cars smashed to bits....
  18. Dogbreath

    E55K High flow fuel injectors

    Has anyone fitted these ? I've only found Eurocharged or Fabtech selling the Bosch versions, are there any others to look at? Any info would be grateful. Thanks Lee
  19. Dogbreath

    W211 facelift Grille 2006+

    Hi I'm after a Standard Facelift grille, just the slatted version, no badges or stars..! Think they are 2006 onwards Must have all fitting clips... no cracks or gouges Light marks are not a prob as it's getting painted Cheers Lee
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