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  1. Borys

    Dics sizes mercedes w222

    Guys does anyone have info on brake disc sizes in diameter on w222? Diesel is 369mm I believe Does petrol models have different sizes? Also callipers, do they differ through the line up Any info would be appreciated Google does not answer by the way :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Borys

    19" Mercedes 5 Twin Spoke Alloy Wheels Staggered Fit

    19" Mercedes 5 Twin Spoke Staggered Fit. Condition is Used. Front Wheels: 8.5Jx19 ET41 (p/n A22240113027X21) Rear Wheels: 9.5Jx19 ET43.5 (p/n A22240114027X21) Asking 575£ Been just refurbished in Dark Lotus Grey with nice Black Flake, looking stunning. They were powder coated. Centre Caps...
  3. Borys

    Brake Discs problem mercedes w222

    Time came for my front brakes Ordered genuine parts, within 1000miles noticed vibration at steering wheel while braking, mercedes issued another set This time within 700 miles vibrations returned Part number for discs was A2224215000 Loosing my mind a bit with this one Did a bit of digging and...
  4. Borys

    Mercedes w222 steering wheel vibrations cured

    Well, this may be a help to other owners I have a 2014 s350d w222 chassis. I was experiencing a bad vibration at steering wheel at speed and when braking. Followed procedure, seemed two of the suspension arm bushing a bit weak so replaced all arm at front.Also to eliminate I did replace front...
  5. Borys

    Mercedes w222 spare wheel

    Hi guys, Does anyone owe S class w222 with space saver wheel? Could I kindly ask for a part number? Local MB is not very helpful finding this info as my car is fitted with tyre fix kit, they say they don’t make it anymore.Don’t really like the idea of this kit. Once used I don’t think any...
  6. Borys

    Mercedes w222 parts

    Dear lads, Trying to locate some suspension parts Front track control arm x2 and wishbone x2 A2223302301 2401 5701 5801 Apart from MB dealer. Task seem like a lost cause. Is there any UK based website we can get decent parts like Lamforder or...
  7. Borys

    W221 harmon kardan amp

    Guys, Did anyone found a solution to prevent the amp failing against moisture, water? I got mine fixed last year and yesterday after 15months it failed. It happened while this dreadful weather invited itself in. Every morning car was dumped, windows steamed so who knows what was going on inside...
  8. Borys

    Mercedes w221 facelift mirrors

    Guys, Does anyone knows or done the conversion? Will facelift mirror fit pre-facelift models? Plug n play possibly? Thanx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Borys

    CL63 S63 exhaust

    Looking for 450£ Offers invited Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Borys

    Mercedes w221 s63/ s65 diffuser

    Looking for 200£ Offers invited Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Borys

    19" Brabus genuine alloy wheels

    8.5j fronts and 9.5j rears with et45 Tyres front 245/35 great condition budget Rears 275/30 need to be changed Wheels would benefit from a refurb, one front wheel had a tiny repair in the past 350£ open to offers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Borys

    S500 or a cl500 w221/w216

    As my s350 will go to a good home would like to upgrade for a v8. Anyone thinking of parting with their pride? As my s350 is well equipped replacement would Ideally have an amg kit with keyless start/go, Black interior. Mileage is not an issue as long as the car was properly maintained. Less...
  13. Borys

    S63 mufflers on s350

    Had set of s63 mufflers installed on my s350. Sounds really lovely, wouldn't say it is a v6. What a set of good mufflers can do. Its really deep and rumbles nicely too. Thinking of going a step further and delete the resonator as when car reach 1700 rpm it goes totally quiet. Would like that...
  14. Borys

    I love UK my new favourite drink

  15. Borys

    Hit and run advise please

    My sister was at church today. Once finished found a note behind wiper from a witness. Lady did hit her car and just drove off. Gentlemen left his mobile number and reg of the car which drove off. Car is not worth a lot and damage is not huge but at this case principal applies. We don't want to...
  16. Borys

    Winter tyres for sale

    For sale Pirelli sottozero winter tyres. 2 tyres sized 255/35 R19 96V MO 2 Tyres sized 285/30 R19 98V MO All four tyres have 7mm tread Looking for 300£ Sold my car need different sizes. Thanx
  17. Borys

    Cls headlights restore/upgrade

    Guys, Does anyone knows a company which does headlights customisation around London area. Found this company but they are a bit far away HOME - HEADLIGHTRETROFITS They qouted me 380£ to do bi-xenon conversion with black housing. I'm after look as on pics, not sure about the rings and neon...
  18. Borys

    Amg exhaust tips

    125 p&p Used but great condition. Few scratches on sides-were touching the bumper
  19. Borys

    Cls w219 diffuser

    Guys is diffuser part of an amg bumper or it can be removed like on w221? Thanx
  20. Borys

    CLAIM-first cls with c63 mufflers in the UK

    Mission complete. If you guys ok with it I'll make this sneaky claim :bannana: Used Torqueflow Exhausts and they workmanship left me simply speechless!!!!Outstanding!!!! Here is a link, let it speak for it self
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