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  1. jasons

    powerlifting tailgate problem ?

    when the powerlift tailgate opens the actuator/ram sort of jumps once it reaches the end its always done it since I bought the car last feb but the approved used warranty runs out soon is this normal or do I have a problem.
  2. jasons

    cold start idle

    hi is it normal for a w204 C220 CDI to idle at approx 1000rpm when started on a very cold morning like today.
  3. jasons

    ECO mode

    hi driving my C220 cdi W204 I noticed an issue with the eco mode when I started the car the eco symbol was yellow as normal but during the journey I looked at the speedo and noticed the symbol was missing I hadn't switched it off, the button was off as well I tried turning the button on but...
  4. jasons

    ceramic coating.

    hi a local valeting company is offering a deal on a 2 year ceramic coating is it worth having the ceramic coating what are the advantages of having it done I wash my car weekly and always use a quick detailing spray after washing and drying the car had the star guard treatment when I bought the...
  5. jasons

    air bag recall

    hi I understand there is a recall for the takata air bag on certain Mercedes vehicles,i have checked my vin on the MB website and it says my vehicle is affected (2012 C CLASS) and the status is open are we receiving letters about this its just my car was in my local dealer last week for a...
  6. jasons

    Becker map pilot

    hi I have a 2012 w204 which I purchased in feb this year with the Becker map pilot in the glove box I decided today to try and update the map as it is very out of date so I removed the unit from the glove box and connected it to my MacBook with a generic usb lead I had in the house as I don't...
  7. jasons

    ESL problem

    I have an intermittent problem with the ESL it doesn't always make the noise when putting the key in sometimes I have to try it 2 or 3 times and sometimes it works if I leave the key in then after about 5 seconds I get the noise,as I said its intermittent I have video'd it when it didn't...
  8. jasons

    ebay WIS discs,are they any good.

    hi has anybody had any experience with the ebay WIS discs are they any good and work ok or would I be wasting my money.if you have purchased some and they are ok could you point me in the right direction.
  9. jasons

    W202 outer door handles.

    If I was to change my outer door handles for some second hand ones will the car still lock and unlock remotely,is there a sensor in the handle?.mine is a face lift ones with black handles and I am after the handles with the chrome strip at the top.
  10. jasons

    how to remove w202 non AMG side skirts

    hi is there any working instructions or a how to,to remove the side skirts on a w202.
  11. jasons

    w202 rust,how best to tackle it

    hi I have some rust on the rear arches on my w202 and was wondering how best to tackle it,what products to use etc,i take it I grind it back to bare metal if there is any metal left and then what.
  12. jasons

    W202 aerial for dab

    Am thinking of putting in a dab head unit in my w202 and was wondering if the aerial in the rear screen is capable of receiving dab signal,does anybody know?.
  13. jasons

    Bas/esp light on

    Hi my warning light came on yesterday after going round a bend,the cruise control still works as do the brake lights,i keyed off and on again when I got home and light stayed out,but came on again this morning as I was driving round a bend again,any ideas,i have searched the forum and most...
  14. jasons

    car out of hibernation advice

    hi my w202 has been off the road since the beginning of October as I thought we were going to have a harsh winter with loads of snow/salt on the roads,anyway I want to put her back on the road to be honest I have missed driving her,the battery had been disconnected and has been on a battery...
  15. jasons

    W202 battery question.

    I my 2000 w202 c180 has been parked up for winter outside with a cover over her,but I have no access to electric where she is so I was wondering do I leave the battery on or do I disconnect it and what pitfalls am I likely to experience when I reconnect or recharge/replace the battery.
  16. jasons

    W202 front wings.

    Hi I have to replace my rusty front wings and I have purchased some pattern ones from ECP but I was wondering how do I go about prepping them before fitting like underseal/waxoyl do I rub the insides down or do I just put waxoyl on top of the black paint that they come as.what else do you...
  17. jasons

    w202 alloys.

    i am trying to decide on some alloys for my w202 what alloys do you think best suit the car and have you any pics so i can see what they look like.
  18. jasons

    W202 side skirt clips.

    I noticed when I was washing my c180 sport that some of the clips that hold the underneath of the skirt on are broken,does anybody know if they are still available from the dealers and how do they come off.
  19. jasons

    W202 alarm fault

    Hi I think I have a fault with the alarm on my 2000 w202,if I have the interior light set so it doesn't illuminate when door is unlocked the indicators flash 3 times when the car is locked which I assume means the alarm is on,but when I have the interior light set so it does illuminate then when...
  20. jasons

    Newbie with a couple of problems.

    Hi I have just purchased w202 c180 sport on a w reg which has a couple of problems the first is with the BAS/ESP light which is constantly on brakes work ok as do the brake lights and cruise control is ok,I have searched all the forums and the brake light switch could be faulty or BAS control...
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