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  1. manofgresley

    New Interior Trim

    Hi All. Does any member know of, or can recommend a none Mercedes Benz. new parts supplier? i am looking for new, rear armrest panels for my 2001, CLK 320 convertible, someone once told me that OEM's like Mercedes Benz only need to make spare parts for 10 years after the model as ceased, so...
  2. manofgresley

    Interior Light Consul

    Hi all. Last night when i got out of the car, i was aware the 2 large interior lights had not come on ? the 2 small ones had. This morning I began to check the fuse panels, but i could not find any fuse marked "Map Light" i could only find referenceces to "Courtesy Light" Opt1 OptR . I...
  3. manofgresley

    TILT sensor?

    Hi all. Does anyone know the location of the above sensor? part # A202 820 74 26 in my 2001, W208, CLK 320 Convertible? Regards Ray
  4. manofgresley

    Interior part numbers?

    Hi All. I have a 2001, CLK 320 (W208) Cabriolet. I need a replacement interior panel for it. I have searched many parts sites on the internet, but no joy, Can anyone help please? I am looking for the part number for the plastic trim, that goes the full width of the car, at the top of the...
  5. manofgresley

    TILT sensor

    Hi. I have reason to believe my TILT sensor is faulty, this is why my alarm goes off for no apparent reason. Does anyone know the MB part number? my car is a 2001 CLK 320 (W208)
  6. manofgresley

    Tow away sensor?

    Hi all. Has anyone know the location of the above sensor, some call it a level sensor, it's for my 2001, CLK 20 Cabriolet (W208)
  7. manofgresley

    Parktronic ECU

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me where the above is located on a 2001 CLK 320 Cabriolet (W208)?
  8. manofgresley

    Alarm Replacement?

    Hi Has anyone got the correct part number for a 2001, clk 320 Cabriolet alarm unit, the one that sits under the front bumper on the near side, its got batteries in. My Vin # is WDB 2084652T101364 2
  9. manofgresley

    Which Gearbox

    Hi I have just discovered that i need the gearbox MB# to obtain the correct Fluid, does anyone know where i can find this number?
  10. manofgresley

    Which Oil ?

    Hi all. In this ever increasing world of choice and bewilderment, I have a question about Auto Gearbox Oil. I have a CLK 320 Automatic, Cabriolet 2001 (W208). It has done 137k miles, but the service history I received with the car, though it was serviced regularly, I cannot find any...
  11. manofgresley

    Brake Discs and Pads Upgrade?

    Hi all. Is it possible to upgrade the standard Discs and Pads on my 2001, CLK 320 (W208) Cabriolet, if yes, can anyone recommend what to go for?
  12. manofgresley

    HELP! Wire source ID

    Hi All. I have had several posts lately, and with your help, most are solved, just 2 left, if I may continue to indulge you. I still cannot get power to the Cigarette Lighter Illumination Lamp, Neither is my Instrument Cluster Night time Illumination coming On, I wonder if the issue is...
  13. manofgresley

    HELP, battery flat, cannot open boot to get at it.

    Hi all. I already have one thread live at the moment regarding a Wiring Diagram for my CLK 3209, W208. I know have another, while trying to investigate my cigarette lighter and illumination bulb not working I have run down my battery, I cannot open the boot lid to get at the barrety to re...
  14. manofgresley

    CLK 320 W208 Wiring Diagram

    Hi. Does anyone have access to the above, I am struggling with 2 faults on my car. which may or may not be related. 1) The night time lights on the instrument cluster are not working. 2) The little 1.2 amp lamp that illuminates the Cigarette lighter is not working either? The...
  15. manofgresley

    Battery Charger / Conditioner

    Hi all. Well winters coming to the UK, time to put my CLK 320 cabriolet to bed for a few month I am thinking of buying a Battery Charger / Conditioner to protect my battery through the winter months of inactivity, as anyone any firm opinions about these gizmo's either positive or negative...
  16. manofgresley

    Instrument Cluster, Illumination

    Hi all Got in my car to go home last night, in my 2001, CLK 320, turned on my headlights, ok, I started to drive off, looked at my instrument panel, could not see everything, none of the small lamps were on. I checked the relevant fuses this morning, all is ok, before I start ripping...
  17. manofgresley

    Bulkhead thgrough holes

    Hi All. I have a CLK 320 (2001) I need to run extra cables from the cabin through the bulkhead and into the engine bay, to save me time and stress has anyone ever done this, if yes can they advise me the best /easiest place to do it.
  18. manofgresley

    Air Intake Vacuum Lines (CLK 320 - M112) 2001

    Hi All. I have attached 2 photos of my engine, can i safely assume that i have got the components right in Pic 1? Pic 2 shows a vacuum line coming from the rear of the Right Cylinder Intake Bank (As looking from the Radiator) and dissapears into the Bulk Head, does anyone know where it...
  19. manofgresley

    Vacuum gauge - Where to locate ?

    Hi all. My Grandson, bless him, has bought me 2 gauges to fit to my 2001, CLK 320 (W208) engine, one is a Voltmeter, i know how to fit that, but a vacuum gauge ???. Can anyone supply any info, photos would be great on where to splice it into, the gauge comes with a very small bore pipe and...
  20. manofgresley

    Charging Current ?

    Hi all. Does anyone know what amperage is the battery charging amperage on a 2001, CLK 320? i have a need to check the charging current, should i have a > 30 amp, or > 60 amp? Regards Ray
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