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  1. karozza

    ABC again!

    After sitting for around 5-7 days, my SL55 sinks completely on the front passenger side(same side as the valve block). After numerous attempts at overhauling/seals/switching solenoid around in front valve block & even replacing with a another used one, the car remains with the same fault on the...
  2. karozza

    SL55 Battery A230 541 00 01

    Best place to buy the above or equivalent?
  3. karozza

    SL55 Engine Cooling Fan

    My radiator cooling fan seems to have decided it needs a vacation & only works when it feels like, which is quite rare nowadays Being hands on & ready to tear it apart; was wondering if this is repairable rather than replaceable, hopefully saving a small fortune!? Have stripped it down as...
  4. karozza

    SL55 Supercharger Pulley Tensioner

    Hi, anybody know the part number to replace the pulley only & where best to buy online? Also, the part number for Supercharger belt? Whole assembly part number is A1132000070 Cheers.
  5. karozza

    SL55 Slight Vibration

    I keep feeling a very slight vibration(hardly noticeable) in the steering at around 40-50mph similar to wheels not balanced properly, front have both been balanced again. Unfortunately not that easy to go over that speed here, at least for any distance except for a quick dash. But, when I go to...
  6. karozza

    SL55 Production Month?

    Is there anywhere I can check to find out the actual production month of my SL55; maybe with the VIN? When imported here in Malta, they only put down 2002 as date of manufacture. Cheers.
  7. karozza

    SBC Best Price

    At 32000 miles looks likes the SBC has had enough on my SL55! So, now that I read they have gone down in price(obviously not at MB), where is the best place to buy one online? Cheers.
  8. karozza

    New front Pads needed!

    SL55 needs new front pads. Where best to buy online? Any suggestions which brand?
  9. karozza

    Alternator Pulley

    Anyone replaced Alternator pulley on a W203 with a non original part?
  10. karozza

    Platinum 20

    Has anyone actually used the above product?
  11. karozza

    Engine Vibration

    Every time the Mrs starts her W203 C180K, we here a rough thud exactly as the engine comes to life :ban: Sound is coming from engine bay; could it be an engine mount?
  12. karozza

    Slight steering!?

    So, had my after market 19s powder coated black, balanced in the process & wrapped in new Potenza RE050As. Well actually driver's side are new as a whole set were fitted a few thousand miles ago & must have hit something as the driver side front & rear tyre sidewalls ballooned. Anyways, went...
  13. karozza

    SL 55 accelerator pedal.

    Think it's time for a new one! A year or so ago, while on STAR, it detected a fault in memory regarding accelerator pedal failure. I do remember occasionally losing power on a spirited run when flooring it to full revs. Then, either switching off the engine or while still on the move further...
  14. karozza

    TV Switching

    Anyone take apart an 2002 SL Media unit with TV(mine doesn't have the actual tuner) & know what wire or supply is used to switch to TV? I would like to trigger the TV so I can add a rear view camera interface to engage in reverse.
  15. karozza

    Fluid extracter pump

    I do my own oil changes & would like to use one of these hand pumps, or maybe one I can hook up to my air compressor. Any suggestions??
  16. karozza

    W203 Electric bott release

    I Can hear the electric mechanism but the boot won't open. It has done this before a few times over the years but would press down on the boot & then would open. What needs to be replaced?
  17. karozza

    Digital Display

    So, I get this silly kind of stain in the display, looks like it's had enough & gonna die at some point dde15 Is it possible to buy this on it's own, or will have to buy the whole cluster?? 2005 C180K
  18. karozza

    Sbc failure again!?!

    Has anyone got experience with this? March this year, went for a 4 day road trip to Sicily & at one point got SBC failure "Reduced Braking" alerts in red. Oh & hardly any brakes! After about an hour, all back to normal & drove back to Malta, no issues. Had it checked on STAR at an Independant...
  19. karozza

    Wheeler Dealers Corrado VR6-SBC??

    So, recently watched the Corrado VR6 & Mike takes the ABS unit to a workshop where they restore/rebuild them. Was curious where this is; maybe we can drop them a mail & see if they refurbish our SBC units??
  20. karozza

    SL55 Super Charger Oil!?!

    I cannot find Mobil Oil Jet II here which is what mine requires. A friend of mine has a Kleeman SC on to his CL500 fitted by Kleeman in Germany & they recommended a Synthetic Compressor Oil (ISO VG 80) by Volvo which we can buy here. Will this be good for my SC??
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