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  1. Phil1968

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Fitted one of these today. Little things 😂
  2. Phil1968

    MOT exhaust emission fail

    Last year my work 2012 Vito 113CDI van that I'd had from new failed on emissions at 240,000 miles, diagnosed as needing a replacement DPF & cat. Got quoted a £6k bill to carry out the replacements :oops: My boss wasn't happy as the dealer did the MOT straight after carrying out a £600 service 😂...
  3. Phil1968

    LED foglight bulb legality

    That answers my question, thankyou 👍
  4. Phil1968

    LED foglight bulb legality

    Have some LED bulbs in mind that give the correct beam pattern & therefore won't blind other road users but I can't seem to find an answer as to whether they'll fail an MOT or not. I know replacing the filament bulbs in headlamps is an MOT failure. All I could find on the government MOT website...
  5. Phil1968

    Gel plates

    They're not my cup of tea but I agree, that's how number plates were up until the 70s, with raised digits
  6. Phil1968

    Newbie 320 CDI question

    The 2003 E320CDI I had 10 years ago was corrosion free too, although it was only 7 / 8 years old at the time. Didn't they have aluminium doors / bonnet / bootlid & the rest was galvanised? I thought they went all out after the rust issues with the previous W210?
  7. Phil1968

    £20k E55

    I was under the impression that comment was said tongue-in-cheek, as an "in" joke (although I'm actually not aware of what that joke is) ;)
  8. Phil1968

    Really, Bit of a Dog's dinner?

    Someone who likes their food judging by the plate ;) And clean those bloody exhaust tips will ya!
  9. Phil1968

    Newbie 320 CDI question

    The earlier 3.2 straight-6 is pretty bulletproof, the later 3.0 V6 not so much, but still both good engines. Obviously the later engine is more powerful (by about 40 bhp iirc) but the earlier iL6 is eminently & reliably tuneable if required. Both will get over 40 mpg on a run.
  10. Phil1968

    The Famed Prancing Moose

    That's exactly what our elderly neighbour called our Volvo when we had it (she mis-pronounces quite a few words bless her 😂).
  11. Phil1968

    W124 260E

    Quite enjoy his content on Youtube, not only that I recognise the roads he drives the vehicles on as they're local to me.
  12. Phil1968

    X-pipe vs straight pipe

    I'm having a resonator delete carried out next week to release a little V8 music. Is there much difference in sound characteristics between having an X-pipe or just two straight pipes in it's place? I know ideally the two pipes should connect to each other once somewhere along the way for...
  13. Phil1968

    The Famed Prancing Moose

    I thought it was more a Volvo thing but I guess with SAAB being (or were) Swedish as well then why not lol. We had a Volvo C70 (the hardtop convertible) a while back & a few of the guys on the forums stuck those on their front wings, I know it's a Ferrari parody, tongue in cheek, but I didn't...
  14. Phil1968

    Driving a 48 Year Old Rolls Royce Shadow to the Arctic in the middle of winter.

    I enjoy watching his stuff, watched his real world review of the Ferrari F550 just yesterday in fact. Also JayEmm on Cars & the Wizard's Garage I find watchable. Occasionally Doug Menouro too.
  15. Phil1968

    Wow! £110k for a Vito!

    I'm not a fan of that either, they look exactly like that to me, an iPad tacked onto the dashboard, nor the having to search for basic controls like the HVAC settings in the menus on a touch screen when a simple knob or tactile switch does the job, although I think on that V-Class it looks like...
  16. Phil1968

    Wow! £110k for a Vito!

    Yes, they have a dashboard that is much less van-like iirc
  17. Phil1968

    your first car

    '73 Hillman Imp in 1985. Paid 90 quid for it. Had it 3 months before writing it off in the wet ...ahem :rolleyes:
  18. Phil1968

    My dyno results from an ECU custom map from DMS Automotive on my 2002 SL55

    Yes I think that's the reason 👍
  19. Phil1968

    My dyno results from an ECU custom map from DMS Automotive on my 2002 SL55

    Something's not quite right with that graph, power & torque always cross over at 5250 rpm doesn't on either of those runs?
  20. Phil1968

    Add Heating Radiator in Garage / Any Plumbers offer Advice Please ?

    Ah OK. I assumed when you mentioned "keeping the car cosy" you were concerned about damp. Trouble with fitting a radiator in the garage is that (I'm assuming you'll be turning the radiator on with the valve only when you're in the garage) when the thermostat in the house is satisfied the garage...
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