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    SLK 55 Tyre issue

    Guys, about 3 months ago I bought 2 new front tyres ,Conti Sport 5,s and had them fitted at home by the Kwik fit mobile van. Bought from Kwik Fit as well All seemed well. Yesterday I took my wheel to a local tyre fitter as I thought I had lost a balance weight off the wheel so thought I would...
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    SLK 55 Rear tyres 2014

    Guys , I have done a search but cannot find it. Thought I had read about upping the width of the rear tyres from 255 x 35 x 18 to 265,s instead. Would I need to keep 35 profile or drop to 30 profile with the 265 width? I am just in the process of changing the fronts but am keeping the 235 width...
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    Independant Merc specialist in Middleton ,near Rochdale

    If anyone needs servicing ,repairs etc I can recommend Paul at MPH PRESTIGE in Middleton. Thoroughly nice guy ,who has just sorted my Aircon issue for me at a fraction of the cost of Merc main dealer. I need to be able to trust whoever is working on my car and Paul was a genuine guy who knows...
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    M Star in Radcliffe ,Manchester

    Hi Guys, has anybody used these guys in Radcliffe for car servicing? They were recommended to me as a Mercedes specialist. Just want to know if there are any good /bad reports about them. Regards Rob.
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    Slk55 amg 2014

    Guys, car is due 3 year major service next week. Quoted £636. Asked about supplying my own oil as some on here do I believe to save a few quid. Supplying my own oil knocks £136 +vat off the total so sounds like a worthwhile thing to do. I asked which oil and they told me Shell Helix low ash but...
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    SLK55 seat trim plastic

    Guys I noticed the black plastic trim on the bottom of my drivers seat (below the right hand side seat bolster) had snapped at the back. The piece that has the lumber adjuster switch on the front of it. Has anybody else had this happen and do you think it would be replaced under warranty as car...
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    2014 SLK55 Outside air temp..?

    Guys, would this have been an Option as first purchase.? Seems a bit stingy to not have this on a car of that value. I do like to know how cold it is getting for safety reasons when driving. Cant seem to find one on mine..:wallbash:
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    Scotland Road Trip

    Hi Guys, after recently buying an SLK55 AMG I decided it would be good to add to the 9000 miles it had on it already. Me and the wife decided to have a few days travelling through Scotland to places we had not been to before. Here are the details of what was a superb 5 days ,in case anybody is...
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    Slk 55 amg

    Hi guys, just purchased a 14 plate SLK55 AMG and already loving it..! Previously had a CL600 a couple of years ago and decided I wanted a bit of a toy to play with again . Its white with black alloys . I will get some photos up later after I got my daughter to do a load of pics for me yesterday...
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    Cl 600

    Hi guys , I am looking to sell my 54 plate cl600 with 62,000 miles on the clock ,FSH ,one year left on the 3 yr warranty I purchased ,which is transferable . 20 inch Lorenzer alloys and AMG body kit . I am only selling because I have not used the car enough in the 2 yrs I have owned it...
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    CL 600 starter motor jammimng ?

    Hi just a quick one hopefully . When I press the start button on the gearstick the starter motor seems to go then stall before the engine fires up .Or sticks . Does this normally mean the motor is on its way out ? Could it be a electrical problem,fault in the wiring .?? If I wait a few seconds...
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    Tv channels will be lost going digital ??

    Hi folks , lots of info on tv at the moment regarding digital switchover in my area . Does this mean I will lose the tv pics in my car .Its not a freeview system ,so I presume it will not work when anologue is switched off tomorrow .:dk::dk::dk: Any suggestions ?? Regards Rob
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    cl 600 .vibration on light acceleration ???

    Hi folks , had my car for about 2 months now and starting to get used to it .54 cl600 . I have noticed ,mainly when cold ,that under light acceleration I seem to get a bit of vibration when setting off .Car has done 59k miles .I have no idea where its coming from ,gearbox ,prop ,or engine ...
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    Speakers not working on one side .

    Hi Guys , recently bought my car 54 cl600 and loving it .!!! Driving the other day noticed no sound coming from the drivers side speakers front and back .The other side is fine . The system consists of Bose system ,single cd /dvd in the headunit in dash ,a seperate multi-disc holder in the boot...
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    Large belt off engine came off !!!!! CL 600.

    Hi All , have had my car for two weeks .Just hoovered and washed it and went for a quick spin to dry (yes usual excuse I know ). Any way got down the road and ABC light came on dash display followed by charge battery . Power steering stopped working ,so I pulled over .Car was rocking a bit also...
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    Change Number Plate ?

    Evening all . Recently purchased 54 plate Cl600 . I want to put my reg plate on it and have just received the documents etc. The back number plate has a number plate stuck on it .(I presume last owner could not be bothered to take his private reg off ,when he changed car so he stuck the transfer...
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    cl600 AMG Kit .

    Good evening all . Brand new here and looking for some guidance . I have for a long time loved the look of the cl 500/600 cars 03/04 .More than the more recent shape . I have just been looking at a 54 plate 600 bi turbo with the AMG kit and large alloys on . Its done 58k and looks fantastic...
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