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    W209 auto folding

    Just a thought have you tried doing it from inside the car. i have seen a video which says if they are knocked by a bike or something you don't want to push them back, just press the close button inside the car and it will reset it. Good luck with it.
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    Genuine or fake AMG ?

    If you like it put it on, i don't mind, at least you are not putting the petrol in it.
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    Mercedes Digital Service History

    Good luck with it, have fun. Someone will be buying more polish.
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    Maybe he was checking it had oil in it before he revs the nuts out of it and blows it up. I am always nuts about thing so i would remove the extra so i can sleep at night. I suppose if it was only a mm its not too much of a problem, but how much was it over by?
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    C class rear brakes

    There is always the chance the garage needed a bit more work that week and you looked like the person to up his wages, just a thought. I bought an e class e320 estate and had a so called merc specialist check it over for me when i bought it. I told him i had just bought it and wanted everything...
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    w205 door handle lights new?

    Thanks Farmer boy for the numbers and thanks Mike Arnold for the offer of the number, i think i will get it when i do it when the sun comes out from Merc Newcastle or Edinburgh they aways are good, thanks again.
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    Wheel dust barrier spray?

    Jesus, i love things shiny and immaculate but taking the wheels off all the time is a bit too much for me, but i do use the wheel woolies and i can get my hand in with the amg wheels to do the barrels, so maybe deep down i must be as bad, thanks for all the recommendations. i have narrowed it...
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    Wheel dust barrier spray?

    It will be interesting how you find the Pink Poorboys seeing as you know first hand about the Chemical guys wheel guard, so Please let us know please your results, Thanks.
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    Wheel dust barrier spray?

    Anyone used Poorboys wheel sealant, not a spray but ive seen a utube video and looks good but everything does when they are trying to sell it to you. As all our shelves know.
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    Wheel alignment pin for changing the wheel size?

    Thanks for the replies, i took off one of the wheels to check the spare would fit, yep those wheels are heavy and then lining the bolt holes up just in my garage was enough to make me get them, thanks Gang.
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    Wheel dust barrier spray?

    Thanks for the info, i will give the furniture polish a go just to annoy the wife, then work my way through the others, thanks gang.
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    Wheel alignment pin for changing the wheel size?

    Wheel alignment pin for changing the wheel for a C Class 2016 W205 amg premium line anyone know what size it is i see on ebay M14 x 1.5 or M12 x 1.5 does anyone know what size i want, thanks in advance.
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    Wheel dust barrier spray?

    A few years ago i had i think it was a turtle wax dust barrier polish that you just sprayed on and wiped after washing the wheels. So fancied something like that again as i can't find it on the internet. Anyone know something that does the same thing, just a spray and wipe round the wheels and...
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    EQC Battery Rang really bad or is it me!

    I did ponder about getting the hybrid but looked at the figures and thought i would be worse off with paying for the charger with the miles i do. Phew what a close call that was. I wish you luck with the electric cars i think another 5 years before i look again. I just get in the car and go, no...
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    W205 water leak seat rail?

    I saw someone trace a leak before by taking the carpets out and spreading talc powder about it will leave a trail where the water is getting in, I am sorry to here your story let us know how it pans out with merc, they are taking the piss 8K
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    C250 W204 possbile battery issues

    I had a battery go took it to a battery garage, he said it was the original battery and its 13 years old, changed for another VARTA i will only go they way in future MB are Varta
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    R107 Servicing in Essex, recommend?

    How did you get on at gem tec?
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    W213 open trunk with your foot

    try cleaning you shoes, you never know
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    W213 open trunk with your foot

    Slowly Slowly catchie monkey, yes stand about 6-10 inches from bumper around the middle, 1 kick be patient it takes a few seconds and then will open if you try to quick again it will cancel it out again as described above. The neighbours get great fun out of watching you kicking the car, i think...
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    I saw something on youtube about this or read it on another thread, it said about mb replacing them its something in the seats, it did say it can go away, can't remember much more check the threads and u tube. what year is it and do u have full mb history?
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