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    Used car inspection- W211-buying privately.

    Just offered to buy a W211 estate. Is there anyone i should use to inspect it as its out of warranty and done about nearly 100k miles. I'm going to put a warranty on it from Warranty direct but they will not cover any existing faults. Seems like the Mrs wins again and I'm back with the E...
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    Buying advice for an E60

    Hi folks, Just been down to jag dealer and for a 520 SE 05 manual with sat nav with 50k miles and no leather its up for £9500. I offered 8200. He might accept. Just seen a E60- 530 SE leather auto 04 55k miles up for won't budge on price ...was offering me 2k less for my car. I...
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    Wanted a used W210 or W211 E Class.

    Since i sold my W211 a while ago have been meaning to come back to Mbz. Looking for either a W210 with FSH can be petrol or diesel. Budget is about 2-2.5K. Or either a W211 with high mileage prefer E200K due to budget or E240 looking to spend about 6-7K . I have a P/X 7 seater. Does...
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    E Class(W211) car mats

    I have some spare car mats for the E class from my previous car in cream colour. If anyone interested you can PM me. Based in west yorks...collect if possible but may post.
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    Income tax HM/customs enquiry

    I have always paid my taxes via self-assesment when i was sent forms randomly. However recently i have had a enquiry relating to a property i own. The property was gifted to me 15 years ago and it was rented out by the person who gifted it to me. However i have now got i letter saying I've not...
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    Property Title

    I've come across a property which when searching the land registry brought up no title registered. A manual search has revealed this from the land registry "No registered estate, caution against first registration or application for first registration or apllication for a caution against...
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    Private plate transfer

    I have just lost my private plate in the process of trading my car. The dealer told me that it would cost 85 plus 20 to have it on retention and it would then take 6 weeks so i had to sell the car with the plate as it was too much hassle for them. I don't understand how it works but i had a...
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    Email online banking scam

    Just had an email from barclays stating that my online banking account will be terminated if i do not login to the account. It then provides a link...which gives identical page to genuine barclays page. Some people sign up for online banking but never this email is designed to...
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    Changing an E Class to.........?

    Ok so this has been my 64000 dollar question for a while. Have loved the car during the last 2 years and still do. Had niggles with it like SRS in the past even today for 30mins...just one of those things with this car. Then the 4 wheel aligment which is a bit better its goes...
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    W124 (E200) up for sale

    Just seen an ad for a w124(E200) french blue with 106K miles 1995 model. Has new tyres, PAS airbags. Owned by privately by an older guy than me who has had it 3 yrs and serviced it himself. Has no history..says he bought it off a Doc and has changed oild himself every 3000 miles. He's...
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    Wheel alignment

    I have been putting up with a pull to the left with the car but when the chap at dealer collected car today i asked him to see if it's me or the car when he drives 20 plus miles back to the dealership. Unfortunately it wasn't my imagination...he confirmed my suspicion and says its pulling...
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    Squirells......what next.......

    I know this may sound funny....but i will say it anyway. I have noticed a few of these little gremlins in our garden....when now the little ****** have decided to climb our house and have decided to take refuge in the loft. Not sure how they get in...but the're out there chipping away at...
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    Fuel injectors

    Dealer collected car on Thurs for repair to remote issue with regards to alarm. Anyway he tells me that the fuel injector need replacing and the shocks were leaking. oh..the part for the sensor will be replaced and has to be ordered. They will deliver Monday....glad i still have a...
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    Housing market your opinions?

    Ok we know the housing market isn't gonna crash...but anyone thought of investing spare dough into property....rather than the beloved motor. Well I've got cash tied in the car which i have been advised by many people to put it into a house which might one day come useful for the little...
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    Info on older Mb models?

    Just watched the Transporter....on sky movies ... The guy in it drove a 99 735 BMW and also a old model Merc. The Merc looked quite nice....anyone know the model..... Which older model of Mbz was the best in terms of biuld quality and over-engineering in its a true Mercedes.... is...
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    Why flirting gets you in trouble.

    just read this on a BMW forum. A couple were invited to a swanky masked fancy dress Halloween party. The wife got a terrible headache and told her Husband to go to the party alone. He, being a devoted husband, protested, but she argued and said she was going to take some aspirin and go...
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    Extended warranty on a W211?

    I have a choice of either keeping the W211 till its warranty expires but may decide to extend its warranty for 1-2yrs come end 2005. Has anyone considered this and how much have they been quoted? Secondly is it worth the extra cost ie how does it compare to MB OEM warranty of 3 yrs?
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    Key Fob does not set alarm or allow remote entry?

    Just tried to remote open luck....thought it might be battery so used the spare which hasn't been used in 9 months. The Fob emits red light as usual but no remote central locking or setting of alarm. Seems strange, since can't leave the car unalarmed.
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    E Class pulling to left

    I have been driving for nearly 10 months and have always known that the car seemed to swayed to left. It is an 03 model year and these were known for issues like this. Does anyone else experience their car pulling to left on a straight level road... This is more noticeable to me since my...
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    Tyre fitting/balancing costs:

    Just been quoted £20 to fit and balance two rear tyres for the runabout Civic by Honda dealer. can supply dunlop sp300 or bridgestone 391 for 40 quid per tyre. There is a dealer they list who fits/balances up 20 inch tyres for £5 per tyre inc. disposes of old tyre for 1.00 and...
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