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    Here right now and it is the place for AMG’s. Went to the Mercedes museum yesterday and it was a great experience seeing the various vehicles that have been made over the decades. There were also some stunning cars for sale. While waiting for the bus to take us back to the train station there...
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    The art of sound Miami!

    Well today we were walking around Miami and were treated to the sound of a tuned AMG C63S. It looked stunning in Black with grey wheels, loud exhaust and a tune that made it as quick in the real world as it looked. Then we were spectators to a Grey 911 GT3 ripping up the strip with straight...
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    A/C not working???

    I have just been for a drive out in the C63. After a few miles thought I would put the A/C on. Pressed button, light came on but no cold air? Tried a few times and gave up. Returned home tried again and now if I press the A/C button I get a flashing light. It flashes 3 times. I know it needs...
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    Mercedes - Sunderland UK

    I arrived at Mercedes – Benz of Sunderland at 07.55 am on 16-04-2018. It is my first time with the Mercedes brand and my first impressions were very good as I drove up to a modern building with plenty of customer parking. As I approached the building I was greeted by a man named John who...
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    North East area

    Hi, Can someone please advise where to get my 2013 C63 serviced? Either main dealer or a good Indy. Thanks
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    Red Calipers on C63.

    Hi, After looking at many cars both in the flesh and on the internet I have noticed that the Red Calipers on the C63's have both either black decals and also less so white decals. What is the reason for the decal colours being different? Thanks in advance, Black Scorpion
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