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    Can any tell me the easy way to fit an alarm in my Vito?

    I am thinking of doing electrics in a few weeks , running all my accessories off a leisure battery ,linked to main battery via a Digital relay. Will run the following off it: Main Stereo/Tablet for sat nav. USB/fag lighter charging points. Small inverter for mainly laptop / power...
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    Re-registering Golf, thats not on SORN database?

    I have a Golf GTI, which has been garaged for 18 years, in my Mums name. It never got on SORN database and I obviously never have scrapped it as such. If I take it for an MOT, will it still come up on their computer do you think? And if not how do you go about re-registering it? It...
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    Roof Rails for Vito SWB

    Morning could anyone point on the right direction to get some chrome roof rails for my Vito? I have a leak in roof and suspect it is from one of the blanked off holes in the roof so though I might as well get some roof rails and some marine grade silicone to fix then. Plus I can tie my...
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    New Key for Vito .

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction , as to where is the best place to get a spare key/fob , and likely cost? I live in Coventry, so i guess would have to take the key there as such , so somewhere local would be a bonus. Thanks Jonny.
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    leisure battery in vito

    Thinking of running a leisure battery of a Digital relay , then using the 2nd battery to power all my additional stuff . Thinking I could run my main stereo off it , and inverter , also a load of usb powered hubs running to the dash somewhere to power various things. I could also use the...
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    Vito battery /charging query.

    Hi All, am after some advice regarding charging points on my Vito 120 2008. Am I correct to assume that they are in engine bay ,one positive terminal in black fuse box the negative on the right and wing body? Can I connect a charger to these points-will it be safe? Also, if I fitted...
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    Servicing glitches my Vito 120

    Well after finally getting my oil cooler done and, after cleaning all the manifolds /swirl valves/EGR/Throttle body/ EGR Cooler so they had no deposits, I thought a full service was a good idea. So Fuel filter was done anyway in removing oil cooler. Air filter was a few minutes, although...
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    Oil change help for Vito v6 cdi

    I have a Vito 2008 v6 and I am about to order the oil for a change/service. I have found this and cannot believe how cheap it is? 20 L Genuine Mercedes Benz 5W30 Low Ash SAPS Engine Oil MB229.51 Fully Synthetic | eBay...
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    Cheaper V belt 'mare

    Just thought I would mention this case it helps anyone :0 I ordered a Meyle V-ribbed drive belt for my Om 642 v6 engine (ebay) It had never been changed , when I swapped it over it just squealed and slipped . Thought I might have routed it wrong ,but hadn't, such an **** of a job...
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    Vito 120 Oil Cooler change

    Well after much reading and procrastinating, I decided to plunge in to the nightmare job.:eek: Having bought gaskets, torx/star sockets in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and ratchet spanners I was just waiting for a dry day as doing this outside. I couldn't find ANYTHING on net after a week of searching, so I...
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    Where can i get genuine parts from.

    Is there a M/B parts supplier in Coventry , is it the main dealers ? Cannot seem to find a couple of parts such as stretch bolts for turbo . Have looked everywhere on Net and only US suppliers?:wallbash: Am trying to get turbo off , and the bolts are mis-matched and all different! Hence want...
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    Coventry Vito garages.

    Anybody recommend a decent MB repairer in Coventry that can work on Vito's? Have found the following , are these okay ? GM motors on lythalls lane Coventry. Mercland Nuneaton. Want to get a quote on oil cooler leak , but Van is Sorn at moment so cannot take it there. Do you...
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    Vito 120 DPF/EGR removed and re-map.

    Have got to fix oil cooler leak on my Vito 120, so will have to strip inlet manifolds etc off. Will obviously clean them, as will no doubt be choked with carbon as will be the Egr. So now thinking all the effort it will be , should I get the egr valve removed? Had this done on my...
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    Just purchased first M/B.

    Hi to all fellow car enthusiasts! Have already learned a wealth of information from this forum . Always liked tinkering with mechanical things, like to try and fix/maintain them myself. Not tight, honest! just like to be able to learn new things and be independent. So much...
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    Vito 120

    Well I have been looking for a nice van as I am a self employed Sparky. After spending MONTHS reading through every forum going in regards to which one is best, I was still very unsure. Vivario/Traffic/Primastar clone,- gearbox fails- auto version useless. Peugeot/Citroen - Lightweight...
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