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    C204 Broken Headlight? Help!

    Hi guys. Had masses of rain today and I've done a lot of miles. Got a warning on the way home, left low beam bulb is out, also got warnings that the adaptive lights aren't working, the high beam assist and indicator isn't working (although the indicator is working) Headlight is full of...
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    W204 C220 CDI Engine Warm Up Time

    Hi all. I've noticed my C220 CDI takes a long time to warm up. I timed it on a run this morning and it was 25 minutes before it reached 90 degrees. That journey time included a lot of NSL driving, although I was pottering. Its not really cold here (7 degrees) and once it got to 90 it didn't...
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    18" Amg Wheels Anyone want a swap?

    Might be a bit of a longshot but my C204 is fitted with 18" twin spoke AMG wheels, whereas I've noticed the majority seem to have the 7 spoke 18" wheels. I prefer the 7 spoke wheels myself, wondered if anyone with these preferred mine and fancied swapping. The wheels on mine were refurbished...
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    C204 Door Lights

    Hi guys My car is fitted with some lights in the door that display the mercedes logo on the ground when you open it. Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can get some standard ones. I find it a bit embarassing opening the door in the dark at the moment! Cheers Ben
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    C204 Auxiliary Battery

    Hi Guys Not long owned my C220 CDI and working through a few minor issues with it (love the car generally though) The Eco stop start system doesn't seem to be working on it. I know that it needs a lot of parameters to work; however I've taken it on a 2 hour journey today and it still wasn't...
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    C204 Electric Seat Problem

    Hi guys. New owner of a W204 C220 CDI Coupe. I love the car but have a couple of problems already. One unusual one is the passenger side seat isnt working properly. It moves forward and back and reclines down and back although the back support doesnt go as upright as it should. It just...
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    New Mercedes Owner From Shrewsbury

    Hi guys. First time Mercedes owned from Shrewsbury. I've very reluctantly had to sell my E92 M3 to buy something more economical and better suited to my commute so have just put a deposit down on this. Auto Trader logo I think the W204 Coupe is a fantastic looking car and they appear to...
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