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    W213 - Anyone found some strange things with new Comand NTG 5.5 sat nav?

    I have updated to the latest UK maps on my new E350. Lots of strange things but one REALLY annoying one. When you get to a junction I am told keep left to turn right and vis versa. It also shows in the lane indicators in the screens. So, "take the right hand Lane and then take the first exit on...
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    W213 Comand custom POIs & media upload

    I am really frustrated by the lack of ability to add custom POIs to my new E320d. It is a feature which has just "disappeared" without notice. I always used it on my Jag for "Safety Cameras". Does anyone know how or who to put pressure on to re-instate the facility? The same goes for uploading...
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    Parktronic, When should it beep?

    Hi, I have a brand new E Class (W213) E350D, I got it last week. The other day, I noticed that the distance sensors weren't making a sound, unless the car was moving, is that correct? When you stop, no matter how close to an obstacle, the sound stops???? If you engage reverse very close to a...
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