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    SLS Black Series - Not a bad investment

    My money is on it came from Hong Kong or Singapore. I know when we were in both countries they had some rare cars of this calibre.
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    These Are The Greatest Engines Of The Last Decade M156 6.3

    Yep at number 3 it is and only right as well. It is one engine that will make these cars collector’s pieces in years to come.
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    Potential owner with questions....

    Welcome! There are loads of info on the internet from reviews to buyers guides. BS
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    How can you tell your C63 has been mapped without taking to MSL ?

    Only way to get an accurate answer is to put it on the rolling road even just for a power run and that will confirm if it has been modified. It it has been modified with a remap one run should be enough.
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    Mercedes-AMG E63 (W212) | Spotted m156

    Nice car and just up the road from me. The only real issue is the cost of the discs? You are talking BIG money as there are very few places to buy them. Worth a look for someone but they need to ask some questions about the brakes and life left in them.
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    Body kit?

    I like it. For me though it would be stripes off and wheels done lighter to make the blue pop more. If you are going to fit new body parts then you will need to find the correct colour and make of the vinyl used on the wrap. Enjoy it and welcome to the forum.
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    Interested in a C63 but worried about theft!

    No matter what car anyone owns and no matter what security you install if the thieves want it they will take it. The harder you make it for them to steal the harder they could make it for you if they want it. Buy the car, drive it, enjoy it and try not to worry about it. Even if the car does get...
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    Just put a deposit on this, anyone know it ?

    Well I like the look of it. Drive it and enjoy the fun!
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    Any c63 for sale????

    Hi, What miles are on the BMW? Thanks
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    c63 pas noisy

    Have you looked to see if the fluid has dropped? It sounds like a leak and the fluid is low and could be air in the system. I would look at the PAS reservoir and any pipes.
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    AMG GT3 - 6.2 V8

    For me it would have to be the 6.2 N/A engine for the power delivery and the noise. It is one engine that will always have a place in motoring history.
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    Can speed humps really do this ?

    Yep deffo Michelin from where I am looking. I had this on my Audi but with Toyo tyres. Turned out to be a bad batch of tyres. I go over a dozen or more speed bumps every day but never have this issue. Have you had the car on a lift to see if there is anything catching or looking like it could...
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    C63 "squeak" source

    When is the next service or MOT? Ask the garage who is doing either to have a quick look for you then. Chances are if it ain’t failed it ain’t covered. Get a few miles on the car and see if it gets any worse. If it was a Mercedes main dealer warranty then you would have in a better position...
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    Kerbed wheel

    Best to get the wheel refurbished as you could do the same again and then what? Keep paying out for new wheels? Drop your car off at wheel refurb company. Get a cheap hire car for the duration. Get them to meet you at the wheel place. It will be loads cheaper than...
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    Sadly not going to AMG this time. But there are some very nice AMG’s in and around Stuttgart. Saw two having an exhaust sound off through the built up area today. They were both stunning, one E and one C. The E had the best sound but boy could that C shake the windows. There was someone in a BMW...
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    Here right now and it is the place for AMG’s. Went to the Mercedes museum yesterday and it was a great experience seeing the various vehicles that have been made over the decades. There were also some stunning cars for sale. While waiting for the bus to take us back to the train station there...
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    C63 204 seat movement?

    Maybe try going on a diet? On a serious note never had that on mine.
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    C63 Owners - Insurance what did you pay?

    The price that someone pays is based on many different facts such as where you live, is it garaged, your age, experience and sometimes even the colour of the car as silver can add to your premium. Then once all the quotes come in then there is who to insure with. Look at the reviews for some...
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    Red Battery warning light

    Sounds like the battery needs to be replaced. This time of year with the need for lights on, heater on, damp mornings, etc the battery gets hammered and any weakness will soon show. Depending upon the length of your journey it may well need a trickle charge once a week to maintain full battery...
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    Amg sport estate advice wanted

    Hello and welcome, Sounds like you have picked a nice car. The car you are asking about is an AMG style Mercedes and although a very nice car it is not an AMG in the true sense of the brand. The question that you have asked would be better posted in the general...
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