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  1. purplegoddess

    not a mec but a rare 1976 austin

    RARE 1976 AUSTIN 10 CWT P.U. BARN FIND classic retro | eBay funny as :D
  2. purplegoddess

    help!!!! my 190 wont start!!!

    190 2.0i over last few months have been having problems with car cutting out, 9/10 in the rain or just after rain (wet roads) it would sometimes cut out when come to a stop, and take a few mins to start backup, and more recent it has cut out whilst driving. Car has been stood for about 2...
  3. purplegoddess

    just took my leo for his mot!!

    and ........................................................yippeee:bannana::bannana::bannana: hes just passed his 22nd mot no adviseries!!!! i love my car!!!:rock::rock:
  4. purplegoddess

    happy birthday Ian.B.Walker

    happy birthday sweetie :bannana::bannana:
  5. purplegoddess

    thank you 124works

    Friend took my car (190e) for MOT, failed due to rear exhaust box loose and rear fog lamp not working, said would need little welding. So took car to Ians this morning, and noticed that the pipe into the rear box was broken at the join all the way round, surprised it hasent fallen off, no idea...
  6. purplegoddess

    happy new year all!

    would like to wish everyone a happy new year,and all the best for 2010. :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana: please be carefull if your out drinking!!,its takes a second to get caught up in the moment,but a lifetime to pay the price!
  7. purplegoddess

    merry christmas

    just like to wish everyone a merry christmas, i wont get much chance later with cooking ect and going to work. be good and most important be safe:thumb:
  8. purplegoddess

    for anyone with kids/grandkids

    PNP Communication Center | Portable North-Pole upload a photo,and have a free video from santa sent to the child of your choice!!its brilliant my kids loved it:D you can even put adults on the naughty list:devil:
  9. purplegoddess

    happy birthday shude!!

    happy birthday hun :D
  10. purplegoddess

    police and car crime

    Police 'turn to car crime' - Yahoo! Cars can you imagine the motorist face when he finds out its the police!:doh::D
  11. purplegoddess

    happy birthday timskemp

    have a gud un:bannana::bannana::D
  12. purplegoddess

    happy birthday evdok

    have a good 1 sweetie:D:bannana::bannana:
  13. purplegoddess

    happy birthday kbhogalW126

    have a gud un hunni xx:bannana::bannana:
  14. purplegoddess

    happy birthday Ian.B.Walker

    All the best sweetie :bannana::bannana:
  15. purplegoddess

    cheaper petrol

    Asda Turns Up Heat With Fuel At Under £1 looks like i am shopping at asda this week!:D
  16. purplegoddess

    A Evening At Home With Mr Ian B Walker
  17. purplegoddess

    batman sues warner bros :crazy:
  18. purplegoddess

    bungled road markings this was so funny,they removed the markings before i could get a pic when i went past.
  19. purplegoddess

    wanted-water level sensor

    has anyone got a spare water level sensor (coolent level) for a 201 190e or does anyone know the gsf part number is mine is on the blink cheers:D Already removed and clean, still stays on so disconnected for the min.
  20. purplegoddess

    bonnet star

    have been looking for a new star as some idiot stole mine,does each model have its own star or are they universal? cheers chucks:D mine is a 190e
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