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  1. ShaunB

    Golf - Irish open

    Was anyone watching the Irish open coverage on Saturday? The cows got some TV coverage
  2. ShaunB

    Home interior lighting suppliers

    Guys Can anyone recommend a decent place to get home lighting please. I'm specifically looking bedroom reading lights. Have seen some on Amazon, but the reviews are very mixed What I think I'm looking for is those flexible gooseneck lights, they will be wall mounted just above the head board...
  3. ShaunB

    W213 E63 safety recalls

    Guys Anyone else get letters? Letter 1. Implausible seatbelt detection Letter 2. Oil feed line to the exhaust gas turbo charger
  4. ShaunB

    Self sharpening knive sets

    Anyone know much about these? I need some decent kitchen knives just and pull through sharpening has probably taken its toll on my current set...
  5. ShaunB

    Steam mops

    Guys Do any of you have any experience of these, or any recommendations on them? thanks
  6. ShaunB

    Local search app

    Guys In the Mercedes apps section on COMAND infotainment( COMAND APS NTG5/NTG5.5 in my case to be exact) Does this app work for any of you? I think its only ever worked once for me. And the weather app, well that's got a mind of its own it would seem.
  7. ShaunB

    Mercedes me - window status

    Guys Not terribly important in the great scheme of things, bit of a first world problem. :D I've noticed that the window status is no longer available in the app. Its just shows two dashes. Anyone else noticed similar? Cheers Shaun
  8. ShaunB

    W213 E63 stone deflectors

    Guys Does anyone know if you can get some kind of stone deflectors for the W213 for the front arches? Or mud flaps, they'd do also. I'm getting road rash on the front wings immediately behind the wheels.
  9. ShaunB

    Newcastle - England

    Seen this posted on another forum - madness.
  10. ShaunB

    Golf R

    It seems like there are shed loads of these on the roads now. Sadly around where I live, most appear to be driven by dickheads who just seem to constantly change gears Many would appear to have stupid exhaust modification which just make them sound pathetic in my opinion. Perhaps VW were...
  11. ShaunB

    E63 Detailed and Gtechniq Crystal Serum ceramic coating

    I had the car professionally detailed, paint correction, crystal serum ceramic coating, plus Exo. It was done by PMG Autocare in Belfast for all you locals. Very nice and down to earth guy. Gave me a list of possible options after asking about my about my cleaning regime, and then explained the...
  12. ShaunB

    Northern Ireland Tracker Installer

    Guys Today I had a SmarTrack tracker fitted by a local company called Autocom installations. They fitted me in at pretty short notice, their customer service and the customer service of SmarTrack has been nothing but fantastic. The recent car I purchased had a tracker from Tracker Network...
  13. ShaunB

    Motor hub

    No surprises there 'Reckless' used car dealer ordered to pay more than £53,000 for misleading consumers - Car Dealer Magazine
  14. ShaunB

    E63 Purchased

    Guys Did a deal remotely which I was happy with. Travelled to Mercedes Manchester central on Tuesday. Belfast to Liverpool ferry, drive to Manchester then back again Tuesday night, into Belfast Wednesday morning. Long trip, but very happy. Bye bye W212, welcome home W213 Really really...
  15. ShaunB

    Guys Any of you use, or have experience of this company for alloys wheel or dent/scratch/chip repairs? Their reviews seem very good, and the prices seem really good value for money. Cheers Shaun
  16. ShaunB

    Bathroom extractor fans

    Bathroom Extractor Fans Guys The extraction rate on my existing extractor fan is very poor - 137m3/hr. Walls are covered in condensation from the steam after showering. The fan is working ok, because if you hold a bit of toilet paper up to...
  17. ShaunB

    Despicable people I hope they rot in hell, what an absolutely terrible thing to do
  18. ShaunB

    Property maintenance (Roof related) Northern Ireland

    Guys Recommendations are always a good thing in my book. So, does anyone know of any decent repair people in Northern Ireland, specifically to repoint a cement verge on the gable end of the roof? Cheers
  19. ShaunB

    Induction hobs

    Guys I need to ask a question. I've purchased an induction hob from Currys, booked installation for it, and a washing machine. The fitters have said that they are not allowed to fit the hob, because its above a cutlery drawer (which is quite deep I might add) and has already a decent gap to the...
  20. ShaunB

    Dyson cordless vacuum

    Guys I need a new vacuum cleaner, and cordless appeals to me, and going on reviews, the Dyson models seem to get top marks Do anyone of you own the V8 or V10 range of cordless vacuum cleaners? My biggest concern is battery life, now I will rarely be using it myself, but could it be used to...
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