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  1. benlucas

    E55 S211 Scuttle

    Hi all :) Still thoroughly enjoying Simon's old car and thought I'd post a few updates since purchase. Scuttle itself was fine, the issue was the rubber top had seen better days. Managed to do this myself (pushing the limit of my capabilities here). Also replaced the wiper arm nuts as the...
  2. benlucas

    E55 S211 rear silencer bracket

    Hi all :) Still thoroughly enjoying Simon's old car and thought I'd post a few updates since purchase. This one speaks for itself (and only £11 from MB including nuts!) Also gave it a couple of coats of clear lacquer before it was fitted. Before/after
  3. benlucas

    E55 S211 cleaning behind front wheelarches

    Hi all :) Still thoroughly enjoying Simon's old car and thought I'd post a few updates since purchase. Whilst cleaning under the auxilliary battery tray, I accidentally pulled out the windscreen reservoir lower rubber hose :oops: I found it's possible to remove the front wheel arch liners...
  4. benlucas

    E55 S211 front brakes & tyres

    Hi all :) Still thoroughly enjoying Simon's old car and thought I'd post a few updates I've had carried out since purchase. Rear brakes were good (fairly new) although the fronts were coming to the end of their life. I opted for genuine MB discs/pads. It came with (almost) new Continental...
  5. benlucas

    E55 S211 Headlights

    Hi all :) Still thoroughly enjoying Simon's old car and thought I'd post a few updates I've had carried out since purchase. The original headlights had become home to some insects and whilst I was able to remove them (very fiddly), the chrome inside had started to fade/peel in places plus one...
  6. benlucas

    S/C pulley rivet question

    Hi all - car has had a EC 83mm installed for many years although whilst in for a recent service they pointed out that some of the rivets have warped/distorted. Been in touch with MSL who confirmed that these can go over time and to contact a local engineering company to have them replaced. Can...
  7. benlucas

    Comand NGT1 bluetooth music streaming

    My S211 has the glovebox 30-pin iPod connector which works well with an iPod although I wanted to stream music from my (Android) phone and to listen to internet radio. Not keen on being tied to iTunes either.. Looked into the pros & cons of the various options e.g. changing the head unit...
  8. benlucas

    Sunroof safety recall

    Sorry - duplicate thread! Mod's - be grateful if this could be deleted 🙂
  9. benlucas

    Back in a M-B

    Hi all - I'm the new owner of Simon's silver S211 E55 Wagon, and whilst this is my 2nd E55 it's my first wagon. To say it's been cared for is not unlike stating that the Sun is 'a bit hot' 😎 Seller was a genuine enthusiast and a great chap. I know it was difficult for him to part with the car...
  10. benlucas

    Potential purchase thoughts

    Hi - started looking at the W205 C63. Budget £40-45k. Thoughts on 1.) this or 2.) this Also, what can I expect from a remap? Cheers, Ben.
  11. benlucas

    E55 supercharger magnet removal

    Hi All - car is currently with MSL with the intention of converting it to a fixed 74mm clutchless pulley (due to clutch having burnt out) plus a BWK. This will be the first time Acid has fitted one of these and I was wondering if anyone could provide any advice on removing the magnet. NB -...
  12. benlucas

    M113K E55 Supercharger clutch assembly

    Per the title please. Must be in good working order. Will also consider complete s/c unit with clutch. Thanks :)
  13. benlucas

    E55 Supercharger clutch failure

    Hi - per the title, Acid has just given me the bad news. Suggested looking online for a 2nd hand unit but at present the only ones available are either too expensive according to Acid (i.e. >£400) or don't come with the clutch assembly. Does anyone know of a UK-based repairer? I did look at...
  14. benlucas

    Mertec (Kent) Ltd

    Have used the above indy since buying my W211 E55 in May 2017 as they came recommended and have always had good service from them. They recently collected my keys and were due to pick my car up on Monday to undertake some electrical investigative work, however, I've been unable to contact them...
  15. benlucas

    Accelerator pedal..

    Went to press it yesterday and instead of surging forward, it hesitated then decided to creep (not dissimilar to having a knackered i/c pump) with the 'ASC - visit workshop warning' displayed in the dash. Managed to get it home OK, just no acceleration available. Car idles fine and revs fine at...
  16. benlucas

    MSL update

    Hi all - dropped the car off on Saturday for tuning work and met Acid and the team. Initial plan was to carry out a baseline dyno test on Saturday, fit the headers on Monday, pass it to Torqueflow on Tuesday for the secondary cat delete/X-pipe plus replacement of primaries with sports cats...
  17. benlucas

    AMG alloy to W211 E55 fitment question

    Hi all - came across these genuine refurbished AMG alloys which I rather like the look of, plus they come with a set of decent tyres. My current alloys (aftermarket) have the following spec's: Front: 8x19" 5-stud 112 with a 35mm offset. Rear: As above but 9.5x19". As far as I can see, the...
  18. benlucas

    E55 paddle shifters

    Thoughts? Link
  19. benlucas

    E55 Heat soak

    Hi - was out for a drive yesterday and decided to give it the works on an empty stretch of dual carriageway near me. First pull approx 10 seconds WOT was rapid as expected, then tried again a few seconds later and it felt like someone had stolen the supercharger i.e. the revs rose rather...
  20. benlucas

    E55 W211 front fog light bulb options

    Hi all Per the title, mine are looking a bit yellow and I was wondering what options I have to make them whiter (and match the xenons.) I have just replaced the sidelights with canbus leds which are now slightly brighter than the xenons, but close enough that I'm happy with them. Been...
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