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  1. Sam87

    Beautiful E63AMG W211

    Even though i've been looking for ages for a rare colour E55AMG W211, I would have bought this just for the colour combo if the mileage wasn't so high! There can't be many W211 AMG's in this colour. If only it had less miles...
  2. Sam87

    Very nice S55AMG Kompressor - Blue/Purple

    For some reason I can't post the link but just the item number 233739552738 I love the colour combo and seems like a good price? If I had the space I'd buy it for myself. Good project. I thought I'd post it here in case anyone would be interested
  3. Sam87

    Opinions wanted for R63AMG 21 Inch wheels on a Mercedes S Class W221 AMG pack?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well! As some of you have seen here I have a Mercedes S600 that I have done a lot of work to it. When I was looking at buying some wheels for the car, there was only 2 style of wheels I was after, the GLE63AMG 21 inch or the R63AMG wheels which are...
  4. Sam87

    I can't get over this!

  5. Sam87

    Spares or Repairs E55AMG W211?

    Hello everyone, Just saw this on ebay and thought I'd ask here, what do you guys think? Is it worth bidding? I don't know if it's the pics but the passenger side rear door and quarter panel looks different shade? Anyone have any idea what the problem could be with the engine? How much is a...
  6. Sam87

    Never knew this car existed... Mercedes 1000SEL

    I saw this on another forum and thought i'd post it here. I have never heard of such a car!
  7. Sam87

    Mercedes W221 S600 18" Alloy Wheels Fully Refurbished

    Hello everyone, I'm selling my alloy wheels that came off my S600 W221 model. I've just had them refurbished in and out in the original finish and they look amazing. Pic's do not do the wheels justice Here is the link Mercedes Genuine 18'' Alloy Wheels Fully Refurbished, Maybach, AMG...
  8. Sam87

    Nice Looking W124 500E Estate!

    I just spotted this for sale on some website i never knew existed. Looks like it's had a lot of work done to it and it also has the right engine in it. Needs some tlc but doesn't look too bad Since i...
  9. Sam87

    Need rear shocks for my W221 S600... where from?

    Hello everyone The other day I noticed the offside rear shock has started to leak. I think its best I do them as a pair. I found a pair of rear shocks on ebay for £380+ Are they good? Item number 183709064187 What do you guys recommend? From mercedes they are around £1500 for two from what...
  10. Sam87

    Beautiful E55AMG Tanzanite Blue 46k miles

    This looks stunning! I'm so tempted as cars like this don't come up often but I just think my heart is set on a purple one ( if it ever comes up for sale again! ) Auto Trader logo
  11. Sam87

    Which one would you keep? S600 V12 TT or E55AMG W211?

    Hello everyone Genuine question! If you had to choose, which one would you go for, S600 V12 Twin turbo W221 model or an E55AMG W221? I have an S600 at the moment which many of you have seen my thread and I've spent a lot of money on this car but I've been after a designo e55amg for quite some...
  12. Sam87

    Very nice SL55 AMG DESIGNO

    Just spotted this on Ebay Mercedes SL55 AMG V8 Kompressor Just 47k, 1 of 1 Designo Mystic Blue (SL65 SL63) | eBay Beautiful colour! Why cant I find an E55AMG w211 like this! :wallbash: What do you guys think of the price? I've seen silver sl55amg for £20K with similar mileage and this being...
  13. Sam87

    Very cheap CL55 AMG Kompressor

    Is this another bargain amg like the e55amg that sold the other day ( to a forum member) ? If its genuine, this is a great price! 223546472588
  14. Sam87

    Can it be done?

    Hello guys. I was thinking today, would a v12 twin turbo engine from an s cl sl class fit on an e class w211 model? I was thinking if I found an e55 w211 with a blown engine, can I make the 5.5 v12 twin turbo fit? I know spending lots of money anything is possible but it got me thinking today...
  15. Sam87

    ** Pic's Of My S600 V12 Twin Turbo W221 Facelift AMG Pack, 21" plus "

    Hello everyone Grab a drink if you want to read everything because this will be a loooong thread! :D I've been meaning to make a thread for some time for this car but I've been so busy and I knew it would take a few hours to post this thread and its taken a few days to organise photos and write...
  16. Sam87

    Very nice looking w210 e55 amg bahama blue

    Just spotted this on Ebay. The same guy had another e55 amg w210 for sale a while ago and that was a very rare colour too. I'm not a big fun of the w210 but this does look stunning! mercedes e55 5.5 v8 amg auto R reg1998 individual very rare bahama blue | eBay
  17. Sam87

    Mileage going up on it's own! W221 S Class

    Hello everyone Me again! As some of you know I have been restoring a Mercedes s class w221 S600 for the last few months. I have asked a few times questions regarding this car. Now I have a new problem. The abs/esp light has been coming on most times when i first start the car up. It goes off...
  18. Sam87

    Seems like a good deal! SL500 Designo

    Looks like a very nice car and an unusual colour! Full MB service history too What do you guys think? 323736211465 | eBay
  19. Sam87

    S class W221 abs/esp lights on and car don't rev

    Hello guys As some of you know I'm working on my S600 w221 model. Something strange happens to the car, sometimes as I start the car up the abs and esp light comes on the dash and it says inoperative and the car wont rev but it just idles so then i put the car in gear and start to drive off...
  20. Sam87

    S class W221 Facelift Headlamp conversion?

    Hello guys I've been doing some research to find out what I need to get the facelift headlamps to work on a prefacelift s class w221 model. Apparently the headlamps have 6 ballasts/ecus to make them work? Different wiring? I found a pair of facelift headlamps and I was going to go for them...
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