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  1. thebook

    2011 E350 CDI Sport cabriolet for sale

    Iridium silver with black roof and black leather interior. 60,000 miles, comand, airscarf and aircap. Lip spoiler on boot. Great condition photos available £9,950
  2. thebook

    Car stolen from Weybridge, Surrey

    Not a Mercedes, however a friend of mine had his dark blue BMW X5 stolen from outside his house last night in Weybridge, Surrey. Distinctive registration - 711 CCJ No keys taken, no obvious signs of forced entry.
  3. thebook

    Can you fit...

    ...a set of golf clubs in the boot of a C class Cabriolet? Asking for a friend... ;-)
  4. thebook

    For sale: 2011 E350 CDI cabriolet

    Iridium silver/ black roof Aircap/air scarf Comand Black leather 55,000 miles Switching to an E400, hence the sale. £12,500
  5. thebook

    Replacing AirCap system E350 cabriolet

    Afternoon, My AirCap wind deflector across the top of the windscreen doesn't work properly. One of the retaining pins (used to hold the deflector down securely) has broken. The symptoms initially was a failure to retract, but now it gets caught on one side when raised. I have come to the...
  6. thebook

    Colour mismatch after respray

    Evening all, I am after some advice. After my car was hit on the M1 in December it went off to the insurers preferred bodyshop for repair. Rear offside panel needed replacing and now when I look at the car, it is really apparent the new panel doesn't match the rest of the car. The colour is...
  7. thebook

    AirCap issue (not software related) found the culprit

    Having decided to take a proper look at my AirCap not retracting (it went down but straight back up again), I have now reversed the issue. It does down fine, but won't fully open, and I think I know why. It now gets stuck on the right handside, and there appears to be a pin which should...
  8. thebook

    Servicing in Surrey

    Morning all, Before I go ahead and book my B service at MBW, I thought I'd ask if anyone has any strong recommendations for an Indy in Surrey? Thanks in advance
  9. thebook

    Bonnet open warning

    Morning all, I topped up my screen wash at the weekend and when I started the car this morning, the bonnet open warning light was on (centre screen red with an image of an open bonnet). I got out and checked but it was definitely closed. I released the bonnet and slammed it shut but this made...
  10. thebook

    Rear lip spoiler E Class Cabriolet (A207) recommendations

    I'd like to get a rear lip spoiler fitted to my car, its very subtle but I think it looks good. Has anyone else done this and where do you recommend getting one from, or conversely where should I absolutely not get one from? Thanks
  11. thebook

    E350 AirCap issues

    Evening. My AirCap has started messing me around. It goes up as expected but when it goes down it doesn't close properly and ultimately opens right up again. It's almost as though it senses a blockage or something and intermittently it will close. I have washed it, used a cloth and WD40'd...
  12. thebook

    Slight issues updating maps NTG4

    Hi all, I have a slight problem updating the maps on my NTG4 unit. The first disc has ended and the display says to insert disc 2, however I cannot eject disc 1 and all the bays are full. How do I get the disc out? Thanks in advance!
  13. thebook

    Which comand is this?

    My car is a 2011 E350 Cab. I don't know if this is an NTG4 or NTG4.5, can anyone provide the definitive answer please?
  14. thebook

    Exterior mirror dip in reverse

    Good evening, I picked up my new (to me) 2011 E350 CDI Cabriolet (A207) today. Very happy with it so far. One question (and I have searched the site) I have is: When I go into reverse should the passenger mirror automatically dip? I'm fairly sure my coupe used to back in 2009. This one...
  15. thebook

    Coming back to MB - E350 CDI Cabriolet

    Evening all, I am looking to come back to the fold and am in the market for an E350CDI convertible. I had an E350 coupe for a few years back in 2009. I currently have a Porsche 997 C4S (which I love) but the kids are struggling to fit in the back... I am looking to spend approx £15k and...
  16. thebook

    I have no idea...

    ...which category to post this picture, but I feel compelled to share. It may well have been on here before
  17. thebook

    Company car Tax

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have a quick question. A friend of mine has been provided with a company car and been given a taxable list price by the lease company. This is more than the standard list price as the car has extras on it. The taxman asks for the value of...
  18. thebook

    My old car for sales

    Mercedes E-Class E350 Coupe 3.0 Cdi Sport Blue Efficiency 2dr Auto | Black Horse Car Sales This was my car literally, for 3 years. Ah the memories...
  19. thebook

    Goodbye E 350 coupe, hello Audi A5 Sportback

    Pretty much as the title suggest, the Mercedes was collected today and replaced with an A5 Sportback Quattro. Once I have had a chance to drive it more this weekend I will let you know my thoughts. It didn't come with an iPod cable even though I selected the full MMI system meant I had to...
  20. thebook

    Au revoir

    Thank you for the past 3 years of entertainment and knowledge, most of which has been extremely useful. I have just been informed my new wagon is on its way from Germany, but I won't be wearing the 3 pointed star. Maybe when this one has seen its day in approx 3 years I will be back...
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