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  1. Matt32AMG

    New Rear Tyres required for my slk32AMG

    The car is currently shod with Pirelli P Zero 225 45 ZR17 91Y on the front, (rated to 186mph), and Pirelli P Zero 245 40 R17 91w, (rated to 165mph), on the rear. (Hmmn) Didn't notice that when I bought them through the MB dealer four years ago :doh:, they are just about within 5 mph on the limit...
  2. Matt32AMG

    Scratch repair - Fix It removes scratches

    Anyone seen or used this product from Simoniz? I caught this on TV at some mad o’clock in the morning time, having dozed off. Apparently this takes care of all those irritating scratches that appear mysteriously without explanation while your car was tucked up in the garage. :rolleyes: Looks...
  3. Matt32AMG

    SLK32 Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

    I was asked the other day and didn't know so nnyone know who does these?
  4. Matt32AMG

    SLK32 Coolant loss issues

    Ok guys, Quick quiz... I’ve started to notice my 32 is using coolant. I flagged this about 2 months ago with the dealership but they failed to Identify anything untoward, so they topped up the header tank with coolant + antifreeze with a keep an eye on it brief. Well doing the checks I’ve...
  5. Matt32AMG

    cigarette burn on leather upholstery

    Ok quick quiz: What can be done about a cigarette burn on leather upholstery? A friend of mines BMW has a cigarette burn on the passengerside seat and its kinda shrunk the leather and burnt a tiny hole. Can this be fixed? Or is it new seatcover time? :dk:
  6. Matt32AMG

    AMG postal address

    Anyone know the full AMG postal address at Affaterbach Germany? :dk:;) Or telephone Number
  7. Matt32AMG

    Superchargers or normally aspirated ?

    Just curious about people’s opinions regarding the power under their right foot. With the change in direction in engine design these last years, now no longer with forced induction, do you prefer the fireworks of a supercharged engine, or the larger capacity, normally aspirated progressive...
  8. Matt32AMG

    Get your car checked before it's to late

    Well as I was cleaning my car this last weekend gone, I elected to take all four wheels off in turn and give them a thorough clean and polish inside and out. Being I had the wheels refurbed about 18 months ago It made sense anyway to take them off and give them a good inspection for any...
  9. Matt32AMG

    Pioneer DEX-P99RS

    I'm considering fitting a Pioneer DEX-P99RS Component Reference Series CD Tuner into my SLK32. It kinda ticks my boxes and handles just about every format you can think of, see the spec. (It also is understated which I quite like)...
  10. Matt32AMG

    Baby car seats, travel solutions?

    Quick quizz, do all baby child seats fit a Mercedes Benz, specifically the CLK Cabriolet? (Clearly not to fit in my SLK32AMG) Or perhaps put another way a better question would be: What ones don't fit? Or, what makes of baby seat are recommended? I know nowadays entire travel solutions are...
  11. Matt32AMG

    Damage by the dealersip

    Picked up my car (SLK32AMG), from having the driver’s side door lock replaced - I drove home and put car in the garage and leathered off only to discover that during the process of having the door lock replaced, somehow the boot lid paintwork had been damaged and touched in by the dealership...
  12. Matt32AMG

    Oil leak!

    I reversed up my drive having returned from taking the 32 out for a gentle drive to pick up some bits. I thought the sun was shining so make the most of it. Well on my return I noticed a small cloud of smoke emerging from the passenger side of the car. Hmmn I thought, strange, then I spot the...
  13. Matt32AMG

    Real ownership costs

    Ok there I was having a dig out of my filing cabinet and came across the car file that has all the service history and receipts etc. Well I had a few invoices to file that had been kicking about on my desk and thought I’d file them. Well instead of that I thought well as the files out, I...
  14. Matt32AMG

    Wash and brush up

    I washed waxed and polished my 32 this last weekend, between it throwing it down with Hail, Sleet, and yet more Rain. The local forecast had indicated I had a four hour weather window, (Wow break out the brass bands). So, duly excited, I took advantage of the opportunity, and broke out the...
  15. Matt32AMG

    Service schedules

    Quick quizz Are all late 2006 cars onwards on an annual service schedules? When exactly did MB introduce that policy into being? I know why It's just when. :)
  16. Matt32AMG

    What bulbs with dimmer switches?

    OK, Philips Domestic Energy saving light bulbs, you know the ones, the replacement of the old filament bulb, well they don’t work with dimmer switches? They end up blinking at you. (Low Voltage I suppose). What alternative bulb can you use with dimmer switches else I’m going to have to replace...
  17. Matt32AMG

    CLK350 'A' Service???

    Ok Guys , my CLK has just announced to me, rudely I might add, that I require an ‘A ‘ service in 30 days. Now normally, I wouldn’t whinge too much but, the car only had a ‘B’ service 3223 miles ago at (15684) miles and at not inconsiderable cost. It’s funny how this has only just come up since...
  18. Matt32AMG

    Rear windscreen wind deflecter

    I ordered this from, a WSA-3000 Windscreen + Graphics#WSA-3000-GR for my slk32 It’s made of Acrylic and I have to say well made and a nicely finished quality product. (When ordering this stuff from overseas it’s always a bit of a finger in the air and hope it comes out Ok...
  19. Matt32AMG

    SLK32AMG Wheel Jack

    I'm interested to know how many owners got a wheel jack, a space saver wheel & compressor when they bought their SLK32AMG or C32AMG? (Its standard on the non amg cars) Or did people opt, or just get issued with a can of Tyre Foam pucture repair and a compressor to reinflate damaged tyre as...
  20. Matt32AMG

    A-Class 210///AMG

    Ok Guys, I’ve been offered the aforementioned vehicle, finished in black with all the usual AMG accents one would associate with the car, AMG alloys, spoilers, leather/suede seats, CD etc, in short everything. The car has covered 80,000 miles and is a 2002on a 52plate. A Full MDSH up to 60,000...
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