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  1. Bayleaf

    R230 SL - How to open boot (trunk) on a wet day without water ingress

    I open mine slowly to give the water time to escape down the channel below the rear screen. There's always a few drops that end up on the higher parts of the boot carpeting but that's no big problem in my view. I used to have an S Type Jag and that would get drips going into the boot from the...
  2. Bayleaf

    Anybody, admired your motor?

    Next door neighbors cat just's loves my SL especially when I've washed it.:wallbash:
  3. Bayleaf

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Diff oil changed. :thumb:
  4. Bayleaf

    Stop / Start (ECO) not restarting engine

    Gaswould Would the first procedure work on my 350 SL R231
  5. Bayleaf

    W211 e220d 32k miles advice needed

    If it was used just for local work the gearbox can do an awful lot of changes in 8 years.:eek:
  6. Bayleaf

    R231 Service question

    The model I have is one that in the main is a low annual mileage veh eg fair weather use etc I myself do about 4k per year. Some I have read about do about 2k a year. So the plugs in them wouldn't need changing for years, just as I say removed cleaned and replaced so they don't seize in the...
  7. Bayleaf

    R231 Service question

    I'm confused here now. Why would the plugs need changing after 20k when they have a lifespan of 40 to 50k I know from my own experience that on low annual mileage cars cars the plugs should be removed and replaced periodically to stop them seizing in the heads but not actually changed for new ones.
  8. Bayleaf

    R231 Service question

    One plug per cylinder on that engine Phil.
  9. Bayleaf

    Ever had your own tankard at the local pub?

    My brother and I had one each with our names on that our dad bought us. Only problem was that our local had hand pumps and sometimes you'd end up with 3/4 of a pint.
  10. Bayleaf

    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Beans on toast. That's all I can afford since I bought this Merc. ;)
  11. Bayleaf

    Gearbox servicing, is it part of the normal schedule?

    My Jag had that kind of oil pan, they don't come cheap!
  12. Bayleaf

    Oil filter tool size?

    Yes I've seen those on eBay. The one I got was from China (where else) quite sturdy construction and chrome plated and a good fit too. I suppose if you had one of the type you mention you could always drape a rag over the filter housing to get a bit more grip i.e. take up any slack.
  13. Bayleaf

    Oil filter tool size?

    Ahh the old screwdriver ploy ( I sound a bit like inspector Clouseau there ):rolleyes: I've done that many a time on Cortina's etc. But what I have now is a chain one a strap one and a Merc one. Happy Days. 😁
  14. Bayleaf

    Gearbox servicing, is it part of the normal schedule?

    Just out of curiosity today I phoned another Indy nearby and they quoted me £204.00 Inc VAT so it's only £24.00 dearer than the one I went to which as I said came highly recommended. I don't think it was a flush though, just oil change new filter and pan gasket but I will ring them tomorrow to...
  15. Bayleaf

    Oil filter tool size?

    The strap type does work ok. I used one on friends car, but personally I think the socket type is a lot better. Just for the record for anyone doing it for the first time. Do not use the chain type wrench as it could seriously damage the filter housing.
  16. Bayleaf

    Mercedes Digital Service History

    Yes your right there Jol I forgot about that. Sorry NickWal
  17. Bayleaf

    Gearbox servicing, is it part of the normal schedule?

    I don't know what fluid they used but I would imagine is was the correct type. The company I used came highly recommended by more than one person. I thought that it was a good price myself as the car I had before this one was a Jaguar S Type which I had for over 11 years and the last gearbox...
  18. Bayleaf

    Gearbox servicing, is it part of the normal schedule?

    Sorry for the delay on this. I had it done at an Indy in Poynton Cheshire not sure if its 7G or 7G+
  19. Bayleaf

    Mercedes Digital Service History

    If all else fails, email reg and vin No to It takes about a week but if the service history for the car has been uploaded onto the MB system they will email it to you.
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