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  1. Alex

    M113 3L Weistec Supercharger Kit

    M113 3L Weistec Supercharger Kit for sale. 82mm throttle body version. Upgraded large intercooler and high flow supercharger plate (£2k mod). Comes complete with everything needed for installation. Tune to be obtained from MSL Performance separately. Optional twin trottle inlets with vacuum...
  2. Alex

    W221 Centre Console Clock Slow

    Why is it that the centre console clock in my 221 lags behind the digital one in Comand? A few mins and counting. Resetting the clock in Comand does nothing. S600 and S65 both have this issue. Help.
  3. Alex

    Goodbye, S600. Hello, Tesla!

    So my ownership of the V12TT S600 was rather short lived. Lovely car in every way, even for the prefacelift model. Comfortable, plenty of torque, gorgeous to look at and be in. But it was not to be as very soon it started falling apart bit by bit. It was painful to watch and no amount of money...
  4. Alex

    Choppy MP3 music playback

    As my luck would have it, soon after I celebrated the joy of listening to MP3 songs in the new to me 2006 S-Class, I discovered that the playback is kind of choppy. Not smooth continuous play but as if someone cut out split seconds out of songs randomly. I’ve since reflashed the card a couple...
  5. Alex

    Terminal Velocity 2019

    Terminal Velocity is back this year at the new venue RAF Honington, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1EE. Standing Quarter Mile 11/05/19 Rolling Half Mile 12/05/2019 Standing Quarter Mile 20/07/19 Rolling Half Mile 21/07/2019 Standing Quarter Mile 21/09/19 Rolling Half Mile 22/09/2019 I'm in...
  6. Alex

    Snap On Mid-Rise Portable Scissor lift SSL 33 - 1PH 240V

    Selling due to upgrade. Snap On mid-rise portable scissor lift. SSL33, single phase 240V. Details below. Colour scheme - blue/black. Excellent condition. Had fresh oil end of last year. £1500. Collection 5 mins from J14 M1. Will be on a pallet. Was delivered on a flat bed as it's a single...
  7. Alex


    Santa Pod have now resurfaced their runway from asphalt to concrete. Any interest in RWYB from the fellow MB owners? Sundays suit me better but I could make other dates as well, depending on how many of you are interested in attending. Put your name down if you're up for it: Sat 17/03 Sat...
  8. Alex

    Pair of 295/30 R19 Yokohama Advan Sport

    Pair of Brand New Tyres Yokohama Advan Sport 295/30R19 DOT 1015 £250 delivered (mainland UK only. Outside, please enquire).
  9. Alex

    Silver E55.

    Thought I'd do a thread on my car. Most of it is done now and I can start documenting the progress. I set out to build a Mercedes that can go over 200mph on a runway. The project is still pretty much work in progress so whether I succeed remains to be seen but that was the goal anyway. I must...
  10. Alex

    How does A/C work?

    In terms of CAN signals. Did MB ever publish this information? Trying to find out what controls the swashplate angle in the compressor. Long shot but you don't ask, you don't get.
  11. Alex


    I've got 3 Zeitronix wideband datalogging controllers Zt2 (x2), Zt3 and nDash touch screen available for sale. All new in original packaging. Bought for myself but no longer required. Check out and get in touch with whatever questions you may have and to price the combination...
  12. Alex

    MB Terminal Extraction Kit

    Can anyone recommend an extraction kit that covers most of MB connectors? I have a couple of small sets and still resort to using paper clips and cotter pins. There's a few sets on eBay and Amazon so I suppose I'm just after some advice as to which covers the most of MB connectors. Thanks.
  13. Alex

    E55K in Milton Keynes

    Hello Do we have anyone with a E55 in MK? Ideally 2003-2004 car. I need a favour, please get in touch. Thanks
  14. Alex

    Complete E55 Diff with Kleemann LSD

    Complete 2003 E55 Diff with Kleemann 60% locking LSD. Good working condition. 50k miles on the car, 20k miles on the LSD. Diff p/n A211 350 50 62. £500.
  15. Alex

    M113 Weistec Supercharger Kit

    Have an extra kit available for sale. Complete and fully working having covered about 10K miles. PM me with any inquiries.
  16. Alex

    New Prior-Design PD65 W211 Body Kit

    For sale on behalf of a good friend. Brand New Prior-Design PD65 W211 Body kit. Consists of: - Front Bumper (complete with mesh, no fog lights option) - Rear Bumper - Boot Lid Spoiler All brand new, never used and unpainted. Currently stored with a reputable bodyshop in Milton...
  17. Alex

    W211 E63 Front Bumper

    Have a genuine W211 E63 front bumper available. Just painted and assembled with MB parts and WALD LED lights. Bolt on, ready to go on the car. This is only a feeler so PM me if interested to discuss. Looks like this:
  18. Alex

    Happy Birthday, Developer!

    Happy Birthday, John. Have a good day :thumb:
  19. Alex

    Brand New Snap On Jacket XL

    Snap On 95th Anniversary Jacket XL Brand new unused, still in bag £25 delivered
  20. Alex

    Sticking Boot Lid Handle

    Had this on my W211. You have to manually push the handle to open as it would stick in the open lid position. So I thought I'd take the handle apart, inspect it, maybe replace what's obviously worn and regrease where necessary. After taking a closer look, nothing stood out as being broken or...
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