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  1. bolidemichael

    SLK headlights wanted

    For the R171. To collect (when able) or to deliver to KT2 5. Must be in good condition. Thanks.
  2. bolidemichael

    Can I de-restrict my M113 engine?

    I've been looking at a website which indicates the theoretical top speed of my car and it seems as though it could hit 168mph, when eventually we are allowed back to Germany. My car hits an indicated 160mph/258kmh at 4,650rpm, with the red line at 6,000rpm, so there is capacity. Any ideas...
  3. bolidemichael

    S211 power bootlid re-opens

    On occasion, the powered bootlid for my 2003 estate re-opens after having pressed the red 'close' button. It closes to about 20% and then raises. We are replacing the gas struts, which are knackered; they (the indy) mentioned that there is a potentiometer too, though it is unclear if this...
  4. bolidemichael

    S211 E500 rear air shocks airmatic

    I have a leaking osr shock and the indy has told me that: - a leak can't be traced i.e. to a hose, as it's essentially a sealed black box - it differs from the standard S211 system as it has a nitrogen reservoir - the rear subframe needs to be dropped for a replacement - therefore we may...
  5. bolidemichael

    Alignment advice air suspension

    I recently had a four wheel alignment on a hunter system. The owner/operator knows my car and has been adjusting the alignment for the last few years, sometimes getting i'm aligned first time and at others, taking two or three attempts, with the common issues being pulling to the left or the...
  6. bolidemichael

    S211 Power Boot not closing

    It was working fine - and then not closing when the big red button is pressed. Could this be just as simple as a fuse, or something more complex?
  7. bolidemichael

    W211 'Service Memory Full'

    Asking for a friend, this message came up after resetting the service counter The question is - how to clear this message?
  8. bolidemichael

    W211 Auxiliary Battery

    What is the purpose of an auxiliary battery?
  9. bolidemichael

    W211 Sunroof recall letter

    I I may give Sandown Guildford a try, hopefully they'll replace the seals too, which are looking a little tired.
  10. bolidemichael

    S211 'E500' badge assistance

    Can anyone with an E500 estate of the pre-facelift variety assist me by measuring the location of the E from the side and bottom edge of the bootlid panel on which it is situated?
  11. bolidemichael

    Protection after bodyshop

    My car will be soon back from some bodywork (exciting!!) and I was wondering what tips you guys might have for when I get the car back again.
  12. bolidemichael

    Rear wiper seized S211

    The action on the rear wiper has been intermittent for some months (which I've ignored). Now, it seems to have given up the ghost completely. The water pump works, but there is no commensurate wiping action. Additionally, the manual function (on/off) doesn't work and the light on the switch...
  13. bolidemichael

    S211 E500 brake upgrade?

    I have never been 100% satisfied with the uniformity of the brake performance, under load, when coming to a halt. The brakes, for example, don't seem to have the tanker-stopping performance of my SEC, but with a linear braking performance. Perhaps when the brake pads are newer, but I don't feel...
  14. bolidemichael

    HOW TO adjust second row middle seat R Class

    The outer two seats in an R Class can be moved forward, but the middle one seems to have a single position for seating. this means that to be an effective bench, the middle row has to be set quite far back, leaving the rear seats with very little leg room when carrying seven people. Have I...
  15. bolidemichael

    S211: Replacement of motor drive for load compartment cover

    Hi, I have sourced a replacement unit from ebay 2nd hand (fingers crossed!). I have damaged mine by overloading the boot with luggage and 'forcing' the load cover to close by having failed to retract it (intentionally, as I like to have a clean line of sight in the boot). Has anyone replaced...
  16. bolidemichael

    S211 E500 owner

    Hi all, I am the owner of an S211 E500 that I hunted for a while and even considered one of a very nice chap that is a member on here - Mike R. Of particular interest to me is the Benz on the Green which seems like a very nice opportunity to meet and chat with other aficionados of this...
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