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  1. Stratman

    They live among us

    Yet another twunt videos himself speeding and is jailed for twenty five months. A man who live streamed himself on Facebook while driving dangerously has been jailed. Justin Dean Jones, of Panteg, filmed himself several times driving at excessive speeds and racing other cars in Llanelli...
  2. Stratman

    Drivers to be banned from picking up mobile phones

    No more photos or games while driving more...
  3. Stratman

    "Hitler's Supercars"

    Channel 4 tonight (Sunday 26th July), a documentary looking at the rivalry between Mercedes Benz and the Nazi-funded Auto Union racing cars of the 1930s.
  4. Stratman

    Things you've always wanted to know

    Might as well start with a motoring conundrum. When did bushes become bushings?
  5. Stratman

    MOTs back in August

    Mandatory MOTs to be reintroduced from August 1st That's cleared things up then....
  6. Stratman

    Volkswagen loses German landmark civil case

    Germany's highest civil court must pay compensation to a motorist who had bought one of its diesel minivans fitted with emissions-cheating software. The ruling sets a benchmark for about 60,000 other cases in Germany. The plaintiff, Herbert Gilbert, will be partially reimbursed for his...
  7. Stratman

    Heads Up: The Deadliest Crash - Le Mans 1955

    This is being shown again on Yesterday at 0710 on Saturday 2nd May. That's tomorrow morning ;) If you haven't see it then I'd say it's a must for anyone who likes cars, racing or just motoring in general. Make the effort, record it and watch a superb piece of television. It's no spoiler to...
  8. Stratman

    Arizona's 'Stupid Motorist Law'

    From QI on Twitter:- Quite Interesting @qikipedia Motorists in Arizona who drive around flood barriers and then become trapped can be charged for their rescue under the Stupid Motorist Law. Right he says, what would you include in a UK Stupid Motorist Law? Proper stupid things that actually...
  9. Stratman

    Tiling MDF

    I throw myself at the feet of the great fount of knowledge to be found in these forums. Kitchen table, probably MDF top, waffer theen mock grain worn through in patches. I want to keep the table (right size, it fits, doesn't wobble etc.) and fancy a tiled top. The question: what would be the...
  10. Stratman

    Daimler to cut 10,000 jobs

    Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide
  11. Stratman

    Watchfinder TV advert cars

    OK, I give in. What are the cars featured in Watchfinder's TV advertisements? Each time I think I recognise one, an image search casts lots of doubt. Apart from the 911 ragtop, which no doubt I'll be corrected on too ;)
  12. Stratman

    Mobile Aircon

    MAC Mobile Air Conditioning Had the condenser on my W203 replaced today by Mac. First class job, and a personal yardstick of mine, he called back when he said he would. He kept me informed by text on the progress of parts which needed to be ordered and he turned up on time. Thoroughly...
  13. Stratman

    Question for photographers

    My venerable Nikon D70s (still a great camera) has a motor in the body for autofocus. If I buy a lens which has its own autofocus motor built in, what will happen? Will they fight each other? Will one take priority (which one)? Any help will be gratefully received. The lens I'm considering is...
  14. Stratman

    Electrifying classic cars

    Tesla motors make classic cars go faster A very interesting article, well worth reading. Sounds like a good idea to me, definitely an option to consider when your 911's IMS bearing lets go.
  15. Stratman

    Hanworth Classic show

    If you fancy a nice day out, the Hanworth Classic takes place at the end of the month. Lots of lovely cars and lovely people in a lovely part of the world.
  16. Stratman

    "Accoustic cameras" to fine noisy vehicles

    Motorists with vehicles breaching legal noise limits could face fines if new "acoustic camera" technology is developed, the government has said. Good. Noisy twunts with Poppenfarten™ exhausts are a blight on society.
  17. Stratman

    Automatic fines and points for ignoring motorway lane closures

    Ignore smart motorway lane closures and it'll cost you £100 and three points.
  18. Stratman

    Ants in compost bin

    My compost bin (about the size of an upturned dustbin) has trillions of ants in it. This morning they were moving their numerous eggs around for whatever reason, so it looks as if it's a well established colony. Should I try to get rid, if so how, or treat it as a part of life and just accept it?
  19. Stratman

    Wynns Forte or Millers?

    My C200 cdi failed its MOT on a broken spring and ARB drop links, all done now and awaiting retest tomorrow. The tester also mentioned the emissions 'only scraped through' (turbo smoke 2.54, limit 3.00), which is understandable as traffic on the way to the test didn't permit the traditional pre...
  20. Stratman

    Man jailed for using speed camera jammer

    Slammer for jammer
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